BPNL Syllabus and Exam Pattern 2023: Comprehensive Guide and Preparation Tips

The Bhartiya Pashupalan Nigam Limited (BPNL) was founded in 2009 as a private company. BPNL used to be known as the Indian Animal Husbandry Development and Research Institute Limited. It was officially recognized as a legal entity by the Government of India in January 2011. There are openings for the post of Development Officer, Assistant Development Officer, Animal Attendant, Animal Husbandry Advancement Center Director, and Digital Marketing Executive, all of which may be applied for on the company’s website right now. In this post, we will be covering in depth the BPNL Syllabus 2023 as well as the Exam Pattern.

Here’s a general outline of what you might find in the syllabus and exam pattern:


  1. General Knowledge/Awareness:
    • Current Affairs
    • Indian History and Culture
    • Geography
    • General Science
    • Economics
  2. Quantitative Aptitude:
    • Numerical Ability
    • Data Interpretation
    • Mathematical Problem-solving
  3. Reasoning:
    • Verbal Reasoning
    • Non-Verbal Reasoning
    • Analytical Ability
  4. English Language:
    • Vocabulary
    • Grammar
    • Reading Comprehension
  5. Subject-Specific Knowledge:
    • Depending on the specific job role, there might be questions related to animal husbandry, agriculture, or other relevant subjects.


Exam Pattern:

  1. Written Exam:
    • The written exam may consist of multiple-choice questions (MCQs).
    • Sections typically include General Knowledge, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and English Language.
  2. Subject-Specific Test:
    • If applicable, there might be a section testing your knowledge in the specific field related to the job.
  3. Interview/Document Verification:
    • The organization may call shortlisted candidates from the written exam for an interview or document verification.

The syllabus encompasses key areas such as General Knowledge, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and Subject-Specific Knowledge, ensuring a well-rounded evaluation of candidates. Dive into the nuances of each section furthermore stay updated with the latest subject details. Beyond that, our preparation tips aim to equip you with the tools needed to excel in your BPNL Syllabus endeavors. Whether you’re navigating through general awareness or delving into subject-specific expertise, rely on this meticulously crafted guide to be your go-to resource for a successful examination journey. Explore, prepare, and conquer the BPNL recruitment process with confidence.

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BPNL Syllabus 2023 – Overview

Check out the BPNL Syllabus 2023 if you’re interested in applying for BPNL Recruitment 2023. Candidates will be able to use the test outline and sample questions to prepare for the Written Aptitude Test and increase their chances of making it to the next phase of selection.


Name of Organization Bhartiya Pashupalan Nigam Limited (BPNL)
Number of Vacancies 7875
Name of Post Development Officer, Assistant Development Officer, Animal Attendant, Animal Husbandry Advancement Center Director, and Digital Marketing Executive
Category Syllabus
Mode of Exam Online
Duration 30 Minutes
Pattern of Questions Objective
Marking Scheme 1 for each correct answer
Negative Marking Scheme No Negative Marking
Selection Process Written Aptitude Test, Document Verification
Official Website @bharatiyapashupalan

BPNL Syllabus 2023 – Hindi

The following topics will be covered under the Hindi section:

  • मुहावरे/Phrases & Idioms in Hindi
  • अलंकार – परिचय
  • शुद्ध वर्तनी/Spelling Correction
  • वाक्यांश के लिए एक शब्द/ One Word for a Phrase
  • विलोम शब्द/ Antonyms or Opposites
  • समास

BPNL Syllabus 2023 – Agriculture and Animal Husbandry in India

In the part devoted to Agriculture and Animal Husbandry in India, we will be discussing the following topics:

  • Facts to Know: A system for categorizing agriculture
  • A system for categorizing agriculture according to different time periods (season)
  • Land Measurement – Important Facts
  • Agricultural Tools
  • Important agricultural terminology and a research center relating to the agricultural industry
  • Animal husbandry: An Overview, with Explanations of Its Meaning and Various Schemes
  • Classification of Animal Farming Operations
  • Animals’ illnesses and the factors that cause them
  • Production of Livestock and Management of It


BPNL Syllabus 2023 – Current Affairs – National Level

The following topics will be covered under the Current Affairs- National level section:

  • National Affairs
  • Economy and Business
  • Science and Technology
  • Environment and Technology
  • Sports and Games
  • Current General Knowledge

BPNL Syllabus 2023 – Skill Development

The following topics are covered under the Skill Development section:

  • Skill Education – Important Facts and Skill India
  • Communication Skill, Team Work
  • Problem-solving and Negotiation Skill
  • Networking and Time Management
  • Organizational behavior Skills

BPNL Syllabus 2023 – Basic Principles of Computers

The following topics are covered in the Basic Principles of Computers section:

  • MS Office- Shortcuts for creating new files, modifying existing ones, opening and saving them, and formatting existing ones.
  • Hardware – Computer hardware and how it works
  • Software – Application & System software, classification.
  • Network Technology – Wi-Fi, LAN, MAN, PAN & WAN
  • Function Keys – The F1-F12 Function Keys and What They Do
  • Internet Technology – HTTP, HTTPS, Email etc.
  • World Wide Web – Definition & Concepts

BPNL Exam Pattern 2023

Candidates are required to get acquainted with the pattern of the examination in order to put in significant effort and adequately prepare for the Written Aptitude Test. There are five different subjects: Hindi, Current Affairs at the National Level, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry in India, Skill Development, and the Fundamentals of Computers are the topics that will be covered in this course. The BPNL Exam Pattern 2023 may be seen in the table that follows.


Subjects No. of Questions Marks Duration
Hindi 10 10 30 minutes
Agriculture & Animal Husbandry in India 10 10
Current Affairs– National Level 10 10
Skill Development 10 10
Basic Principles of Computer 10 10
Total 50 50

Main Highlights

  1. There are a total of fifty questions in this exam.
  2. The format of the questions is one that is objective in character (MCQ-Based).
  3. Each question carries 1 mark.
  4. There is no system for assigning negative points. Therefore, the applicants are required to try all of the questions.
  5. The minimum score required to qualify is 36 percent.
  6. There will be no leniency or allowance given for passing marks.

Useful Tips for Preparation

The applicants would do well to familiarize themselves with the following helpful hints in order to do admirably in the Written Aptitude Test:

  1. Make a schedule for yourself. Determine which of the topics warrants the highest focus of your attention. Give that topic more of your attention and focus.
  2. Time management is of the utmost importance. Master several techniques to train your brain to do mental math.
  3. Recharge your batteries by giving yourself a few short pauses at regular intervals. Relax by going for a walk or reading a book.
  4. Never be too proud to ask for help from those closest to you.Pay heed to their recommendations, and then act on those recommendations.
  5. Make an investment in some excellent books, and look around for question papers from prior years.
  6. Keeping a regular meditation or exercise routine is a good way to keep stress at bay and maintain concentration.

Instructions to Candidates

  • Please abstain from any misconduct that can hurt your candidacy.
  • During the test, candidates are not permitted to leave their seats empty.
  • The applicant is solely responsible for any computer, laptop, or mobile device malfunctions or power outages that occur during the test. If there are any interruptions throughout the test for the reasons previously stated, the online exam will be terminated. Therefore, before starting the test, applicants must verify all the systems and have a power supply.
  • For rough work, candidates must have a pen and paper on hand.
  • Browser/OS Requirements – Only the browsers and versions specified below are supported for this test.
  1. Google Chrome
  2. Android 6.0 and above on mobile devices 
  3. Windows 7 and up on desktops
  4. Internet at 4G speed
  5.  Full signal/network in mobile

frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many different subjects are covered by the BPNL Syllabus 2023?

The BPNL curriculum covers the following five areas: Hindi, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry in India, Current Affairs at the national Level, Skill Development, and Computer Fundamentals.

Is there a negative marking scheme in the BPNL Exam Pattern?

The BPNL Exam Pattern does not include any negative marking.

What are the qualifying marks?

Qualifying/Passing marks are 36%. There are no exceptions or adjustments made to the passing mark requirements. For any applicant to qualify for or pass the test, they need to achieve 36 percent.

What is the process of Computer Based Examination?

  • A link will be emailed to the candidate’s email address about two days before the scheduled examination date. The link will become active one-quarter of an hour before the scheduled start time of the examination.
  • Candidates are strongly encouraged to go to the test URL to do all of the required processes in plenty of time before the exam begins.
  • After the candidate has followed the link, they will be prompted to provide their registration number before clicking the “Submit” button.
  • Candidates will get the one-time password (OTP) on their registered cellphone number after they have submitted their registration number.
  • After you have entered the OTP in the appropriate field, you will need to click the submit button.
  • On the screen, you will see the instructions that you need to begin the test and complete it. Candidates are strongly encouraged to give each instruction a thorough read.
  • The candidate has till the beginning of the test to decide between English and Hindi as their primary language of communication.
  • Every question will be offered in both languages, except for the Hindi and English-related ones.
  • Candidates are permitted to switch from English to Hindi at any point throughout the examination if they discover any mistakes in a paper written in the Hindi language.
  • If there is any issue in the Hindi portion of the test, such as a typo or a problem with the typeface, etc., then the meaning that is represented in the English portion will be given precedence. It indicates that if there is a discrepancy between the meanings of the questions asked in Hindi and English, the meaning asked in English will be considered the correct one.

What is the total amount of time allotted for the Written Aptitude Test?

The time allotted for the written aptitude test is 30 minutes (half an hour).

What type of questions are asked for the BPNL Exam 2023?

Only objective-type questions are asked in the BPNL Exam.