TSSPDCL Syllabus and Exam Format for Assistant Engineer & Junior Lineman Posts

The Southern Power Distribution Company of Telangana Limited (TSSPDCL) will make the official notice, including the TSSPDCL 2023 Exam Format & Syllabus, available. Aspirants will fill various positions, including sub-electrical engineer, assistant electrical engineer, and junior lineman. Aspirants who want to pass the TSSPDCL 2023 exam should have a general understanding of the material to better plan their study schedule and pass the test on their first try.

  • For the positions of Sub Engineer (Electrical), Assistant Engineer (Electrical), Junior Lineman, and Electrical Engineering & Engineer Mathematics with Numerical Abilities, & General Knowledge the TSSPDCL 2023 Syllabus includes the disciplines of General Knowledge and I.T.I (Electrical Trade).
  • It will use the written exam and documentation round to make the final decision, as per the 2023 Exam Format.
  • After completing the Written test, It makes the Solution Key available for aspirants to calculate their overall tentative score and advance to the next phase.

The exam pattern & syllabus, preparation literature, marking system, and study plan are the main topics of this article.

Syllabus for Junior Lineman

Released for the TSSPDCL 2023 Junior Lineman Syllabus is the SSPDCL Junior Lineman’s latest Syllabus. The Junior Lineman 2023 examination will be administered at several locations throughout the state/ nation, and the syllabus is currently available. You can download the TSSPDCL 2023 Junior Lineman Syllabus. The TSSPDCL 2023 Junior Lineman Syllabus includes information on the questions that will be covered in the test as well as the time allotted for answering them. The following table includes crucial dates for the TSSPDCL Junior Lineman 2023 Syllabus as well as further information on the syllabus and the registration process.

PAPER A Syllabus for Electrical Trade: I.T.I– 65 Points

Fundamentals of electricity: tools, Electrical occupational safety, Ohms law, series, Kirchoffs law, parallel, problems – Electrostatics and capacitors, Kirchoffs law and star delta. Methods of earthing & Earthing principles.

Batteries: lead acid cells, primary and secondary, methods of charging –application & testing of batteries, battery chargers, invertors, and maintenance

Magnetism: Magnetic properties & materials –electromagnetism, laws of magnetism – electromagnetic induction

Fundamentals of AC: power, simple problems of AC fundamentals, power factor. Basic Electronics: Electronic components, single-phase and three-phase circuits 5, rectifiers, oscillators, amplifiers,  and power electronic components

DC Machines: the simple problems & working principle of motors & DC generators, construction, applications & speed control of DC motors – windings

Transformers: working principle, construction, and simple problems on transformers – windings – auto transformers, power transformers, basic concepts, PT & CT 8. AC Machines: construction principle, simple problems & basic concepts, on three-phase and single-phase universal motor, induction motor, alternators, synchronous motors, and their windings & applications – the concept of power electronic drives

Electrical measurements –Different types of DC & AC measuring instruments, Illumination concepts – types of electric lamps, Domestic appliances.

Electric Power generation– hydel, thermal, and nuclear, non-conventional energy sources, distribution & transmission system – basic concepts.


  • Numerical & Analytical Ability.
  • Consumer Relations.
  • Current affairs.
  • General Science in everyday life.
  • Disaster Management & Environmental Issues.
  • Geography, History, and Economy of Telangana & India.
  • History of Telangana Movement & Telangana.
  • Culture, Society, Heritage, Literature & Arts of Telangana.

Junior Lineman Test Pattern for TSSPDCL in 2023 (Expected)

Aspirants should familiarise themselves in advance with the TSSPDCL 2023 Junior Lineman Exam Pattern. Knowing the exam format will help them prioritise the topics according to their value during the preparation process. The anticipated TSSPDCL 2023 Junior Lineman Exam Format is as follows:

Name of the subject Sort of Questions Total Questions Max. Scores Language Time
(Electrical Trade) ITI Objective Type or MCQs Questions 65 65 Telugu & English 2 hours or 120 mins.
General Knowledge (GK) 15 15
Total 80 80 2 hours or 120 mins.


Note: The overall evaluation will be conducted for 100 marks following the TSSPDCL 2023 Junior Lineman hiring Procedure. The written test carries 80 points. For Artisans and Outsourced Workers Employed Through Societies in TSSPDCL/ TSTRANSCO/TSNDCL Working As of the Date of Notification, Weightage Marks Up to 20 Marks.

Test of Pole Climbing

Following the reservation rule, candidates who receive a minimum score on the written exam will be shortlisted in a 1:2 ratio for the pole climbing test. Only those aspirants will be considered for the final appointment who pass the Pole Climbing Test and fall within the selection zone.

Junior Lineman 2023 Preparation Plan for TSSPDCL

To help you secure a spot on the final merit list, we’ve provided a list of TSSPDCL Junior Lineman preparation recommendations below.

  • Review the most recent TSSPDCL Junior Lineman Syllabus and exam schedule and use it as a guide for your preparation.
  • To get the greatest grades in the written exam, create a schedule that adheres to the syllabus and emphasises the subjects in which you are weak.
  • Attempt to begin the study process at least six months before the exam’s start date.
  • To improve your problem-solving speed and time management skills for the actual exam, take practise exams and work through the previous year’s exam papers.
  • To keep your mind relaxed and engaged throughout study sessions, take brief pauses.
  • To help you remember the material for a longer time, review each topic often.

TSSPDCL Junior Lineman Reference Books

For better preparation, there is a sea of TSSPDCL 2023 Junior Lineman Learning Books accessible in nearby bookstores and on reputable websites. Before selecting the books, they might look at the opinions of professionals and other hopefuls. Here are included some of the best books for the TSSPDCL JLM Test for rapid reference for aspirants:

Name of the Subject Writer/Publication Book Name
General Knowledge General Knowledge Vinay Karna/Lucent
Advanced Objective General Knowledge RS Aggarwal/S Chand
Numerical Ability Fast Track Objective Arithmetic Rajesh Verma
Quantitative Aptitude RS Aggarwal

Syllabus for TSSPDCL 2023 Assistant Engineer Post (Electrical )

You must be familiar with the TSSPDCL 2023 Assistant Engineer Syllabus and Exam Pattern to effectively plan your exam preparation approach. You can better grasp the topical weighting, grading system, question types, and exam length by understanding the test pattern. On the other hand, becoming familiar with the TSSPDCL Assistant Engineer Exam syllabus will tell you the subjects from which the exam’s questions will be drawn. As a result, we have given you complete information on the most recent TSSPDCL Assistant Engineer Exam syllabus and exam format in this article.

  • The only basis for the TSSPDCL Associate Engineer 2023 recruiting process is a written exam. Only this round of hiring results in the filling of all positions.
  • The written test will be a 100-point online test.
  • The test will last 120 minutes.

Assistant Engineer Syllabus 2023 for TSSPDCL Exam

Having a clear understanding of the anticipated TSSPDCL 2023 Assistant Engineer Syllabus will help applicants strategically organise their study sessions. Below is a complete syllabus broken down by subject.

Part Name of the Subjects Syllabus Covered
A) I Engineering Mathematics Linear Algebra

  • System of Linear Equations
  • Matrix Algebra
  • Eigenvectors
  • Eigenvalues



  • Theorems of Integral Calculus
  • Mean Value Theorems
  • Evaluation of Definite and Improper Integrals
  • Maxima and Minima
  • Partial Derivatives
  • Vector Identities
  • Multiple Integrals
  • Directional Derivatives
  • Volume Integral
  • Line Integral
  • Stoke’s Theorem
  • Green’s theorem
  • Gauss’s Theorem


Differential Equations

  • Higher-order Linear Differential equations with constant coefficients
  • First Order Equations (Linear & Nonlinear)
  • Method of variation of parameters
  • Euler’s equation
  • Method of Separation of variables
  • Cauchy’s equation
  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Initial and Boundary value problems

Complex Variables

  • Cauchy’s integral Theorem
  • Solution Integrals
  • Analytic Functions
  • Cauchy’s Integral Formula
  • Laurent Series
  • Taylor Series
  • Residue Theorem

Probability and Statistics

  • Conditional probability
  • Sampling theorems
  • Mean, Median, Mode
  • Random variables
  • Standard Deviation
  • Discrete and Continuous distributions
  • Normal Distribution
  • Poisson Distribution
  • Binomial Distribution
  • Regression analysis
  • Correlation analysis

Numerical Methods

  • Single and Multi-step methods for differential equations
  • Solutions of Nonlinear algebraic equations


Transform Theory

  • Laplace transform
  • Fourier transform
  • Z-Transform
II Electrical Engineering
  • Electric Circuits
  • Signals and Systems
  • Electromagnetic Fields
  • Power Systems
  • Electrical Machines
  • Power Electronics
  • Control Systems
  • Analog and Digital Electronics
  • Electronic & Electrical Measurements
B General Awareness & Numerical Ability
  • General Awareness
  • Analytical & Numerical Ability
  •  English
  • Computer knowledge
  • Related to Telangana Culture & Movement

Test Pattern for Assistant Engineers in TSSPDCL 2023

The written exam is divided into two categories: core subjects and broad subjects. 20% of the questions were on general subjects, while the core areas were given an 80% weight. Below is a link to the complete TSSPDCL 2023 Assistant Engineer test pattern.

  • In total, there are 100 exam questions.
  • Those who pass the test will receive 100 points.
  • Each correct response will give you one score.
  • The examination lasts for 120 minutes.
Name of the Subject Total Questions  Scores Time
Subject Knowledge 80 80 120 minutes
Numerical & Analytical Ability 20 20
General Awareness
Political, Socio-Economic and Cultural History of Telangana
Total 100 100 2 Hours or 120 minutes

How Should I Study for the 2023 TSSPDCL Assistant Engineer Exam?

All that is required to pass the written portion of any competitive exam is the utmost preparation and practice. You can improve your chances of meeting the TSSPDCL AE 2023 cut-off scores by using the exam preparation advice. Observe the advice provided by specialists:

  • Before beginning your exam preparation, confirm the curriculum.
  • To improve the preparation, consult the relevant TSSPDCL 2023 AE Solution key and the previous year’s test questions.
  • Start with books that are easier to read.
  • To comprehend the exam format, several of practise exams and a run of tests in one day.

Learning Books for TSSPDCL 2023 Assistant Engineer Exam

The greatest TSSPDCL 2023 Assistant Engineer Result can be attained with the aid of books. The following table includes a list of some of the books:

Name of the Subject Name of the Book Writer/ Publisher
Engineering Mathematics Engineering Mathematics  Disha Experts
Electrical Engineering Basic Electrical Engineering V.K.Mehta
General Awareness Quick General Awareness Disha Experts
Numerical Ability Fast Track Objective Arithmetic Rajesh Verma
About Telangana Telangana General Knowledge R. Gupta
Computer Skills Basic computer skills Jayaram

FAQs Section for TSSPDCL Recruitment Exam 2023

Why is checking the TSSPDCL 2023 Junior Lineman Syllabus important?

Applicants should review the TSSPDCL 2023 Junior Lineman Syllabus to get up to speed on all the study material relevant to the written exam.

Does the TSSPDCL 2023 Junior Lineman Recruitment Exam have any negative scoring?

The TSSPDCL2023 Junior Lineman Recruitment 2023 contains no information regarding the deduction of points for incorrect responses.

What is the total score for the TSSPDCL 2023 Junior Lineman exam?

The TSSPDCL 2023 Junior Lineman Exam carries a maximum score of 80 points.

What will the TSSPDCL 2023 Junior Lineman Recruitment selection procedure entail?

The written exam and pole-climbing test are the two stages of the TSSPDCL Junior Lineman Hiring Procedure.

What are the Core subjects for TSSPDCL 2023 AE recruitment sections?

The main subjects are divided into two divisions. These are engineering mathematics and electrical engineering.

How long will the 2023 TSSPDCL AE exam last 2023?

The TSSPDCL 2023 AE written test has a 120-minute time limit.

What topics are covered in the TSSPDCL AE recruitment written test?

Exam topics cover fundamental Technical and General disciplines.

What subjects are included in section B of the TSSPDCL AE test?

Topics like general knowledge, computer awareness, English, Telangana history, and numerical skills, and are included in section B.

What minimal score must you obtain to be eligible for TSSPDCL AE Recruitment?

The organisation assigns marks to aspirants according to their category, such as EWS & OC: 40%, BC: 35%, ST/SC: 30%, and PH: 30. However, achieving the minimum required marks does not automatically qualify an aspirant for employment. They must also achieve a score higher than the cut-off point.

When will the TSSPDCL 2023 AE Solution Key be released?

It’s anticipated that the final answer key will be made public soon after the test start.

What variables will affect the TSSPDCL AE cut-off in 2023?

The TSSPDCL AE cut-off for 2023 is determined by several variables, including the applicant pool, the level of difficulty of the exam, the number of openings announced, and the cut-off scores from the previous year.

What happens if I don’t achieve the necessary TSSPDCL AE Cut Off Scores?

The aspirants will not be permitted to move on to the next round of the hiring process if their score is below the TSSPDCL 2023 AE Cut Off scores.

What will be the 2023 TSSPDCL AE cut-off?

The recruiting body has not yet announced the TSSPDCL AE 2023 cut-off for the current year.