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The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution has two departments, the Department of Consumer Affairs being one of them. It was established as a separate department in June 1997. It was thought that the country needed a boost for its fledgling consumer movement.

Food and Public Distribution Department

These are the objectives of the department:

  • Rates that are favourable to farmers.
  • Food grains are made available through the public distribution system at fair pricing.

System for Widespread Distribution or PDS (Public Distribution System)

A national system for food security in India, the Public Distribution System (PDS) provides the country’s underprivileged with food at reduced prices. Wheat, kerosene, sugar, and rice are important commodities. The Food Corporation of India, formed by the 1964 Food Corporation Act, manages food surpluses resulting from increasing crop yields (due to favourable monsoon seasons & the Green Revolution).
The system carries out national policies for the distribution, interstate transit, storage, purchase, and preservation of agricultural products. The Union Government and state governments run the PDS, which has a network of over 488,000 (FPS) Fair Price Shops, which may be the greatest distribution network of its type in the world.
Consumer Affairs Department
The department is responsible for overseeing regulations about price monitoring, consumer cooperatives, the availability of basic goods for consumers, the consumer movement, and the control of statutory organisations like the (BIS) Bureau of Indian Standards and Measures & Weights.
This department is in charge of:

  • Standards of Weights and Measures by the National Test House
  • The Mumbai-based Consumer Cooperatives Forward Markets Commission Bureau of Indian Standards
  • Monitoring of Essential Goods Prices and Availability
  • 2019’s Consumer Protection Act
  • Fund for Consumer Welfare
  • The Spirituous Preparations (Commerce and Inter-State Trade) Act of 1955 governs intrastate and interstate trade.
  • The (Regulations) Forward Contracts Act of 1952 provides regulation of futures.

This department controls access and sets forth safeguards to ensure that this system contributes to the food consumption & security of those who are more vulnerable. The goal is to improve responsibility, respect, visibility, a good outlook, and an altered mindset.

What duties fall under the purview of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs?

In addition to controlling statutory organisations like the (BIS) Bureau of Indian Standards and Measures & Weights, the department also oversees consumer cooperative policies, price monitoring, the availability of vital commodities, and consumer movement.

What part does the public distribution system play in the provision of grains for food?

The current commodities allotted to the UTs/States for distribution under the PDS include wheat, sugar, rice, and kerosene. Many UTs/ States distribute edible oils, pulses, spices, iodized salt, and other items for widespread consumption through PDS shops.

The Food Security & (PDS) Public Distribution System in India

By serving as a safety net and providing necessities at a reduced price, India’s (PDS) Public Distribution System significantly contributes to the reduction of food insecurity. India still has a sizable population of malnourished & hungry individuals even though the PDS is a cornerstone of the government’s nutrition & food strategy.
To achieve food and nutritional security in India, the purpose of this assessment is to examine the operation and effectiveness of the PDS. 23 articles that fulfilled the inclusion requirements were found after a thorough and methodical search by using the keywords “food security” & “(PDS) public distribution system” OR “TPDS” OR “PDS” OR AND “India.” This analysis highlights the dearth of material that has been published in India on PDS.
The review’s conclusions praise PDS’s contribution to the fight against hunger and malnutrition while emphasising how little it has been able to do to reduce child mortality and improve food security. The PDS may help reduce food insecurity in India if the operational inefficiencies and environmental footprints are sufficiently addressed by policy improvements.
1. Initialization
A scenario is described as being “food secure” when “all people, have social, physical, and economic access to nutritious, safe, and secure food that fits their food choices and dietary needs and for a healthy & active life.”
Food insecurity is the condition of having limited access to safe and healthy food. It is helpful to understand food insecurity as a continuum that moves from household-level uncertainty and concern about availability to sufficient and appropriate food to the extreme circumstance of children being hungry because they don’t have enough to eat. Low-income populations and those who are already ill have been observed to experience food insecurity to a greater extent.
2. India’s Food Security
Numerous factors contribute to India’s food hunger & insecurity. According to some studies, large rates of rural-to-urban migration may be a factor in the concentration of economic growth in urban regions and the substantial changes in the agriculture sector’s GDP contribution. Because of the unpredictability of weather, the negative effects of climate change are a growing factor in food poverty.
To increase food security, the Indian government has implemented several programs over the past 60 years. Food grains are distributed through the government-run Public Distribution System as one of the main responses to food insecurity and hunger in India (PDS).
Jobs Available in the Department of Consumer Affairs in January 2023
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Food Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department Recruitment
For different President & Member positions, the Consumer Affairs Department will accept applications online exclusively in the prescribed form. On the authorised website of this Department, there is a direct link to the online registration portal. The hiring announcement for various openings will be posted by the Food Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department.
To register for this Department, aspirants must use the Department’s login detail on or before the deadline if they are applying for state or central government jobs in the department.

Selection Process

The Department will conduct written tests, personal interviews, and document checks to choose the best applicants.
Registration Method for Food Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department

  • All applicants first go to the authorised website first.
  • Visit the section with the most recent notifications on the main homepage.
  • Find the links to the job notices.
  • Following the download, please read the notification.
  • Then, begin the online registration process by entering the necessary information for registration.
  • Next, submit it.
  • Upload the necessary papers now, including your photo, signature, and academic credentials.
  • The applicant will need to upload their essential documents in the appropriate jpg/ PNG format and size.
  • Cover the registration fee based on your category.
  • After payment, a receipt is required for the application fee.
  • Complete the application form thoroughly, checking all the details.
  • At this point, print off the completed application for the position for your records.

Important information: We advise all applicants to understand that the registration costs are completely non-refundable. Pay the registration cost. We won’t be responsible.

Eligibility Requirements for Consumer Affairs Department Recruitment

Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements to be hired permanently by the Department of Consumer Affairs. The requirements for any positions, however, are not listed on the authorised website.
Educational background
The specific educational requirements will be made known when the hiring will be made public.
Maximum Age
The age restriction outlines the age limits for employment at both the minimum and maximum. As new positions open up, this section will be updated.
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Frequently Asked Questions for the Department of Consumer Affairs

What is the Department of Consumer Affairs' recruitment process like?

Applicants will be chosen through written tests, interviews, medical exams, and walk-in interviews. After being selected, an aspirant will be given an administrative officer position at the Department of Consumer Affairs.

How can I apply for a job with the Department of Consumer Affairs?

Visit the authorised Department of Consumer Affairs website. The Department of Consumer Affairs will provide a PDF detailing the step-by-step application process for the particular position that is currently open. Before applying to the Department of Consumer Affairs 2023, applicants should carefully read the instructions.

What Positions Are Available at the Department of Consumer Affairs?

2023 opening for an administrative officer in the department of consumer affairs. All open positions as of the current dates will be displayed by the Department of Consumer Affairs. The Department of Consumer Affairs will hold numerous exams and provide jobs for a variety of positions. Therefore, candidates can go to the Department of Consumer Affairs and, if they meet the requirements, apply.

What is the Department of Consumer Affairs' eligibility requirements?

Nationality: Aspirants must only be citizens of India. Any graduate from a reputable institution or university is eligible to apply for the Department of Consumer Affairs.

What does the Department of Consumer Affairs' administrative officer make?

The Department of Consumer Affairs will decide the Administrative Officer’s pay before the exam. The remuneration for the Administrative Officer will be specifically included in the authorised notification, with other details like the eligibility requirements, & age restriction, etc. The notification makes it clear that the administrative officer’s compensation ranges from Rs 67,700/- to Rs 208,700/-. (Per Month).

What are the administrative officer's fees for the department of consumer affairs?

The fee schedule for the Department of Consumer Affairs Administrative Officer changes every year. The administrative officer fee schedule for the Department of Consumer Affairs applicants has the option of making their payments offline or online. Applicants can submit their registration costs online mode via net banking, debit card, or credit card. Visit the specific bank recommended by the Department of Consumer Affairs throughout the registration process to make an offline payment.

What functions does the Ministry of Consumer Affairs perform?

In addition to controlling statutory organisations like the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and Weights and Measures, the department also oversees price monitoring, consumer cooperative policies, the availability of vital commodities, consumer movement, and price monitoring.