Government Jobs with the Highest Pay in India

In India, government jobs have always been a sought-after career option due to their stability, job security, and wide range of benefits. While many government jobs offer attractive pay scales, some positions stand out as the highest-paying government jobs in the country. In this article, we’ll explore these coveted positions and provide you with information on their salaries, responsibilities, and eligibility criteria.

Indian Administrative Services (IAS) Officer

The Indian Administrative Services (IAS) is a highly esteemed and well-compensated government employment opportunity in India. IAS officers hold a significant position in the administration of the nation, with responsibilities including the execution of government policies, oversight of public finances, and maintenance of efficient operations within government departments.

Salary: IAS officers’ salaries vary based on their ranks. An entry-level IAS officer (Assistant Collector) earns around INR 56,100 per month, while the highest-ranking officer (Cabinet Secretary) can earn up to INR 2.5 lakhs per month.

Indian Police Service (IPS) Officer

IPS officers are responsible for maintaining law and order in the nation. Their duties include preventing crime, conducting investigations, and ensuring public safety. IPS officers are often at the forefront of managing challenging situations and ensuring the safety of citizens.

Salary: Similar to IAS officers, the salary of IPS officers varies with their ranks. An entry-level IPS officer earns around INR 56,100 per month, while higher-ranked officers receive higher salaries.

Income Tax Officer (ITO)

Income Tax Officers work within the income tax department, where they are responsible for enforcing various direct taxes as per the Income Tax Act. Their primary duties include determining tax liabilities for both individuals and companies, conducting audits, assisting the public with tax-related matters, and conducting investigations to combat tax evasion. ITOs contribute significantly to revenue collection for public welfare and assist in the administration of government institutions by maintaining tax records from various departments.

Salary: The national average salary for an Income Tax Officer is approximately ₹2,08,700 per month.

Submarine Engineer Officer

Submarine Engineer Officers are responsible for leading a team of highly skilled individuals in one of the most demanding environments. They are responsible for maintaining advanced propulsion systems, including nuclear and diesel, and associated systems on submarines. During their patrols in the oceans, these officers also command and operate various types of submarines, such as attack, ballistic missiles, and guided missile submarines.

Salary: The national average salary for a Submarine Engineer Officer is approximately ₹1,70,874 per month.

Scientists/Engineers in DRDO and ISRO

The DRDO and ISRO provide promising career prospects for scientists and engineers. Both organizations are renowned for their pioneering work in technological advancements and innovation within India.

Salary: Experienced scientists and engineers employed by DRDO and ISRO have the potential to receive a monthly salary of INR 81,000, as well as supplementary perks.

RBI Grade B Officer

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is the primary central banking establishment in India, and the role of RBI Grade B Officer is highly sought after within the institution. These officers are responsible for various financial and monetary policies, including regulating and supervising financial institutions.

Salary: RBI Grade B Officers enjoy an attractive starting salary of around INR 77,208 per month, inclusive of various allowances.

Defence Services

A career in the Defence Services is not only patriotic but also financially rewarding. Whether you join the Indian Army, Navy, or Air Force, you’ll receive competitive pay along with numerous benefits, including free rations, lodging, education allowances, and a retirement pension.

Salary: Entry-level officers, including Lieutenants, typically receive a monthly salary of approximately INR 68,000.

Judges of the High Court and Supreme Court

Judges in the Indian judicial system are highly regarded and hold prestigious positions. Their duties include interpreting and enforcing the law, ensuring fair administration of justice, and making crucial legal rulings that have an impact on the country.

Salary: The salary of judges in India varies based on their positions and the courts they serve in. Supreme Court judges and Chief Justices of High Courts receive higher salaries.


Assistant Section Officer (ASO) in the Ministry of External Affairs

ASOs in the Ministry of External Affairs assist Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officers in diplomatic missions and embassies. They play a crucial role in managing administrative and diplomatic tasks abroad.

Salary: ASOs enjoy competitive salaries, with starting pay of around INR 66,000 per month.


For those inclined towards academia, becoming a professor at a government university is a highly rewarding career path. Professors not only enjoy competitive salaries but also have the opportunity to engage in research and shape the future of students.

Salary: Professors at government universities can earn salaries in the Pay Band of INR 37,100 to 67,000, excluding allowances.


Indian Revenue Service (IRS) Officer

The Indian Revenue Service (IRS) is the governing authority responsible for overseeing and collecting taxes in India. The members of the IRS play a vital role in ensuring taxpayer compliance with tax regulations and generating revenue for the government.

Salary: IRS officers’ salaries are competitive, with entry-level officers earning around INR 56,100 per month.

Indian Forest Service (IFS) Officer

For individuals with a strong interest in nature and wildlife conservation, the Indian Forest Service (IFS) offers a promising career path. IFS officers hold the important responsibility of safeguarding and preserving India’s forests and wildlife. Additionally, they oversee the management of forest resources and strive to prevent unlawful activities such as poaching and deforestation.

Salary: IFS officers’ salaries are competitive, with entry-level officers earning around INR 56,100 per month.

ISRO Scientist

Scientists at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) are at the forefront of space technology development and its application to various national needs. 

ISRO scientists are involved in a wide range of tasks, including designing and building launch vehicles and satellites, establishing space infrastructure and facilities throughout the country, and ensuring the success of ISRO missions. They contribute significantly to India’s achievements in space exploration and technology.

Salary: The national average salary for an ISRO Scientist is approximately ₹49,359 per month

Indian Foreign Service (IFS) Officer

Officers of the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) serve as representatives of India on the international level. They hold the responsibility of managing diplomatic relations, conducting international negotiations, and advancing India’s interests across the globe.

Salary: IFS officers receive competitive salaries, and their compensation includes various allowances and benefits.

Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs)

Public Sector Undertakings like ONGC, NTPC, and BHEL offer various high-paying job opportunities across different domains, including engineering, finance, and management.

Salary: Salaries in PSUs vary based on the position and experience, but they often come with attractive packages and benefits.

State Public Service Commission Jobs

Every state in India has its own Public Service Commission (PSC) responsible for organizing recruitment processes for different government positions. These can include administrative, police, and engineering services, among others.

Salary: Salaries in state government jobs vary by state and position, but they can be competitive and offer job security.


The Indian Railways is one of the largest employers in the country, offering a wide range of job opportunities in areas like engineering, management, and operations.

Salary: Salaries in the railways can vary widely based on the position and level of responsibility.

Paramilitary Forces

The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and the Border Security Force (BSF) are organizations that allow individuals to serve their country by maintaining law and order and protecting border security.

Salary: Salaries in paramilitary forces vary based on rank and experience, but they often come with allowances and benefits.



These highest-paying government jobs in India not only offer financial rewards but also provide individuals with an opportunity to serve the nation and make a positive impact on society. These roles are highly competitive and require candidates to meet specific eligibility criteria and excel in rigorous examinations. Pursuing a career in any of these fields can be a fulfilling and