Latest Syllabus & Exam Pattern for UPPSC APS 2023 Recruitment

The UPPSC has announced the UPPSC APS Exam 2023 for the Additional Private Secretary (APS) positions. To prepare effectively for the test, applicants should be well-informed about the UPPSC APS Syllabus and exam format. The written test comprises three papers covering various subjects outlined in the UPPSC APS Syllabus and exam format. We’ve included the complete UPPSC APS Syllabus 2023 and Exam Pattern for those interested in the UPPSC APS 2023 Exam.

Aspirants planning to participate in the UPPSC APS 2023 Recruitment exam must have a strong grasp of the UPPSC APS Exam pattern and syllabus. This understanding is crucial for thorough preparation and exam success. In addition to the syllabus, we’ve furnished the latest exam structure, including the number of questions, marking methodology, and total scores, among other details.

Before starting your study plan, we advise you to consult the most up-to-date exam syllabus and exam pattern on our website. You can also download the syllabus in PDF format from the official UPPSC website. This article provides access to the most current exam pattern and syllabus for the UPPSC 2023 APS recruitment, facilitating your exam preparation. Please follow the study tips presented in the article below.

For further information, please visit the official UPPSC website. You can find essential details about the exam, such as the admit card, answer key, and the final result on our website, Formal Monkey. Review the steps for downloading the admit card, answer key, and final merit/result for the UPPSC 2023 APS recruitment.

About the Exam

All of the qualified applicants who have been chosen will be contacted to take the written exam. The examination date will be made available separately on the UPPSC-authorized website. The detailed exam structure and syllabus are available to aspirants below.

Competitive tests are increasingly challenging because of the intense rivalry in today’s economy. The important issues of “How to prepare” and “What to prepare” to do well on examinations are proving difficult for candidates to answer. Consequently, we are offering the most recent exam Syllabus and Exam format here.

Aspirants preparing for the UPPSC 2023 APS Recruitment should review and make preparation plans based on this information. For more information, keep reading.

  • 150 points are awarded for passing the written test.
  • 0.33 of the total marks are deducted for each incorrect response on the written test.
  • 100 points are awarded for the shorthand and typing test
  • 50 points are awarded for the computer practical exam.

APS Exam Syllabus for UPPSC 2023

You can get the UPPSC 2023 APS Exam Syllabus for the UPPSC 2023 APS Examination in PDF format. From UPPSC’s authorised website, you can download the syllabus.

You are strongly advised to thoroughly review the UPPSC 2023 APS Exam Syllabus to ensure you are familiar with the subjects covered on the test. After reading through the UPPSC 2023 APS Exam Syllabus 2023, you may start preparing for the UPPSC 2023 APS Exam.

The UPPSC 2023 APS Exam Syllabus

The aspirants may develop a strategy to do well in the test with the aid of the UPSSC 2023 APS Exam Syllabus 2023 and test Pattern. The results of the UPPSC 2023 APS Recruitment written test will be used to select aspirants. To get a summary of the UPPSC APS Exam Syllabus, see the table below.


Highlights of the UPPSC 2023 APS Exam Syllabus

Name of the Agency Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC)
Name of the Examination UPSC APS Exam 2023
Level of Exam State
Category Exam Syllabus
Examination   Mode Offline
No. of Papers 3 Papers (GK, Computer Knowledge & General Hindi )
Exam Period 3 Hours
Hiring Criteria Written Test, Hindi Typewriting & Shorthand and Practical Computer


Authorized website

Examining for the APS in 2023

Examine the complete UPPSC 2023 APS Exam Syllabus for the written test below if you’re a candidate applying for the position.


UPPSC 2023 APS Syllabus
Subject Topics Covered
General Studies Books and Authors

Abbreviations & full forms



Geography (concerning India & UP)


Indian Constitution

Important buildings & monuments  (concerning UP & India)


International and national events

(सामान्य हिन्दी)

General Hindi


अपठित गद्यांश शीर्षय तथा अपठित गद्यांश और प्रश्नोत्तर

लोकोक्तियाँ , मुहावरें, तथा उनका प्रयोग

पत्र एवं कार्यालयीय विभिन्न पत्रों का आलेखन

शब्दों के अर्थ- अंग्रेजी से हिन्दी एवं हिन्दी से अंग्रेजी (कक्षा-10 स्तरीय )

  अनेक शब्दों का एक शब्द

विलोम तथा पर्यायवाची शब्द

 वाक्यों का शुद्धिकरण

Computer Knowledge A basic understanding of using peripherals including a scanner, printer, speaker, and microphone on Windows system platforms on laptops and desktop computers.

working familiarity with the Microsoft Office suite, including PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.

knowledgeable about using major websites and the World Wide Web (such as Wikipedia, search engines like Google, and websites for booking flights, & trains among other things).

Working knowledge of email (including how to send, read, print, save, manage an address book, and send attachments)

Working Knowledge of preparation of presentations (PDF, PowerPoint, etc.) with different animations & styles.

Pattern of the UPPSC 2023 APS Exam

A written test and a quick typing test will be used by the UPPSC Commission to evaluate qualified candidates. A total of three papers, each with a one-hour time limit, are included in the UPPSC 2023  APS Written examination. The table below details how many points each paper is worth and how long it takes to complete.


Exam Format for Written Test for UPPSC 2023 Exam for APS

The following describes the written test format for the UPPSC 2023 APS exam:

  •       There will be objective or MCQ-type questions asked.
  •       There will be a 0.33-point deduction for each incorrect answer.


Paper Section Scores Time
Paper-I GK -General Knowledge 50 180 minutes- 3 hours
Paper-II Hindi (General) 50
Paper-III Computer Knowledge  50
Total 150 180 minutes – 3hours

The UPPSC 2023 APS Preparation Plan

A comprehensive study regimen covering all the essential exam components is required to pass the UPPSC 2023 APS exam. Check out the list of all the essential UPPSC 2023 APS preparation strategies below.

Practice Prior Year Papers: Completing the previous year’s test questions can help you gain an understanding of the exam’s structure, categories, and degree of difficulty. It will also assist you with time management during the test.

Mock Tests & Self-Assessment: To determine your degree of readiness, take practice exams frequently. Examine your work, pinpoint your areas of weakness, and make the necessary corrections. For these examinations, time management is crucial.

Keep up with current events: Reading newspapers, periodicals, and internet news sources regularly will help you keep current on current issues. Both of the General information tests need this information.

Concentrate on Weak Spots: Acknowledge your areas of weakness and work to improve them regularly. Ask your friends or lecturers for help if you need it.

Improve Your Typing: If the exam involves a typing test, consistently practice your typing to get the necessary speed.

Keep Up: Keep up with current events, particularly those that pertain to Uttar Pradesh, as there may be inquiries about the state’s activities and regulations.

Revision: Go through the material you’ve covered again and again. Information retention is aided through revision.

Maintain a good outlook, be assured, and efficiently manage stress by being calm. Relaxation exercises and meditation might be beneficial.

Test of Shorthand Typing for UPPSC in 2023

Both the English & Hindi UPPSC Shorthand Type Tests demand aspirants to type at a pace of 25 words per minute. Lower speeds won’t qualify someone, thus they won’t be. Aspirants who reach a speed of 25 w.p.m. will earn 10 points and can obtain a maximum of 15 points for every subsequent 5 w.p.m.


How Do I Download The Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission's APS Exam Syllabus?

Follow these procedures to get the UPPSC 2023 APS Exam Syllabus:

  • Go to the authorized website: Visit the (UPPSC) Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission’s website, which is located at
  • Go to Advertisements/ Notifications: Look for an area that has alerts or adverts. This is frequently seen in the “Information Bulletin” section or on the site.
  • To discover the UPPSC 2023 APS Exam Syllabus, use the search box or peruse the list of announcements.
  • Syllabus PDF download: Click on the notice for the UPPSC 2023 APS Exam Syllabus after you’ve found it. The syllabus in PDF format may be downloaded from a new page that will appear as a result of this.
  • Save by clicking: The UPPSC 2023 APS Exam Syllabus PDF may be downloaded by clicking on the attached link. Save the file to your computer or mobile device so you may access it at a later time.
  •  Printing (Optional): For offline study, you can print a paper copy of the UPPSC 2023 APS Exam Syllabus if necessary.

Frequently asked questions

How are the APS topics organized in the UPPSC Syllabus?

The UPPSC 2023 APS Exam Syllabus consists of two parts: the Main Examination and the Preliminary Examination. While the Main Exam includes descriptive papers, the Preliminary Exam only has objective-style questions.

How long will the UPPSC APS Exam 2023 last?

Each Paper’s length for the UPPSC 2023 APS Exam varies.

Can I get UPPSC 2023 APS exam question papers from earlier years?

Yes, you may frequently find old test questions on UPPSC’s authorized website or other test preparation websites.

What will the UPPSC APS test look like in 2023?

It entails a written test and an English & Hindi typing test.

How is the UPPSC APS written test structured?

Typically, the exam structure consists of a written test and a typing test.

Is keeping the UPPSC APS admission card a requirement after the test?

Even after the test, candidates should preserve a duplicate of their UPPSC APS Exam Hall Ticket in case they require it for a subsequent round of selection.

Can I change the exam location on my UPPSC APS admission card?

Aspirants will be given the test center of their choice. The testing location won’t change. To change the exam location, see the official regulations or notifications.

Will I receive a personal letter with the UPPSC APS Exam results?

No, individual applicants won’t get results in person. You must verify the outcome online via the official website or any other official methods the commission has designated.