Latest Exam Pattern and Syllabus for RBI Assistant 2023 Recruitment

Aspirants who wish to sit for this exam need to be quite familiar with the RBI Assistant Exam Syllabus and test format. The Numerical Ability, Reasoning Ability, English Language, General Awareness, and Computer Knowledge portions make up the first three of the RBI Assistant Exam syllabus’s primary divisions. For the RBI 2023 Assistant Mains & Prelims exams, we have provided the whole curriculum and exam pattern on this page. To assist applicants in properly preparing for the test, we shall break down the material and exam format into sections.

  • An aspirant’s logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude, numerical ability (math), English language ability, computer knowledge, general awareness, etc. will all be assessed in the written exams.
  • Before starting the preparation for the exam, an applicant must be familiar with the marking system.
  • Learn about the comprehensive format and syllabus for the Preliminary & main exams, the exam’s scoring system, what the language proficiency test entails, and much more from this article.

RBI Assistant 2023 Exam Format and Syllabus

The RBI 2023 Assistant Preliminaries and Mains will take place on 21st Oct and 23, respectively. Check out the table below to find the crucial dates for the RBI recruitment.


RBI Assistant 2023 Exam Syllabus
Name of the Recruitment RBI 2023 Assistant
Sort of Examination MCQ- Type Objective Test
Category RBI Assistant 2023 Exam Syllabus & Exam Format
Time Prelim Test – 1 hour- 60 minutes
Mains Test – 135 Mins
Language Supported  Hindi

·        English


Maximum Scores (Online Test) Preliminary Test– 100
Mains Test– 200
Marking scoring 1 point for each correct answer
Negative scoring 1/4th Scores (0.25)
Hiring Process
  1. Prelims Test (qualifying in nature)
  2. Mains Test
  3. Language Proficiency

RBI Assistant 2023 Exam Curriculum

The Reserve Bank of India chose the RBI 2023 Assistant Exam Syllabus. There are 3 components in the Prelims exam and 5 in the Mains exam in the RBI Assistant curriculum. The comprehensive RBI Assistant exam syllabus is a requirement for those who want to pass the test. They should also look over the question paper to learn more about the amount of questions, the scoring system, the weighting of the topics, and other information.

There are three stages to the RBI Assistant Exam Hiring process:

  • Phase 1 – Prelims Test
  • 2nd phase: Mains Test
  • Language proficiency test in phase three

To be eligible to take the main exam in the second phase, a candidate must pass the preliminary exam. Aspirants who pass the second phase must show up for the language proficiency test. The final hiring will take into account the main test scores.

RBI 2023 Assistant Preliminary Exam Syllabus

The Numerical Ability, English Language, and Reasoning Ability sections make up the majority of the RBI Assistant 2023 Prelims test syllabus. Aspirants will have 1 hour to answer questions covering all of these topics. Thus, this test measures an aspirant’s speed and accuracy in addition to their knowledge. Below is the RBI Assistant 2023 Prelims Exam Syllabus broken down by subject for applicants to review.
Aspirants must carefully go through the whole RBI Assistant Exam Prelims curriculum since doing so will help them do well on the online test by giving them a realistic understanding of the questions that may be expected from each unit.

RBI Assistant 2023 English Language Syllabus

Subject Verb Agreement
Cloze Test
Indirect & Direct Speech
Sentence Rearrangement
Antonyms & Synonyms
One-word substitution
Spelling correction
Sentence Completion

RBI Assistant Exam 2023 Syllabus - Numerical Ability

Data Interpretation
Profit and Loss
Quadratic Equation
Number Series
Mensuration 2D

RBI Assistant Exam 2023 Reasoning Syllabus

Blood Relation
Odd Man Out
Decoding & Coding
Direction Based questions
Seating arrangements
Number Series

Syllabus for RBI 2023 Assistant Mains Exam

The RBI Assistant 2023 Mains Test Syllabus is broken down into five sections: Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, Numerical Ability (Math), English Language, Computer Knowledge, and General Awareness. Three of these five sections—Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and English Language—are the same as those found in the RBI Assistant 2023 Prelims test but with harder questions.

2023 RBI Assistant Syllabus - General Knowledge

The syllabus now includes a section on general awareness. For this part, aspirants will need both fundamental GS knowledge and to keep up with current events. The subjects covered by the General Awareness section of the RBI Assistant 2023 Mains test are listed in the table below.
Geography, History of India
Indian Economy
Socio-economic policy development
countries, States, institutions
Politics in India & Current Affairs
Human Right issues
Quantitative aptitude
Logical Reasoning
Authors & Books

Banking Awareness RBI 2023 Assistant Exam Syllabus

A decent grade in the RBI Assistant 2023 exam is greatly influenced by the “General Awareness” component of the syllabus. This section’s component on banking awareness is also included. Some of the important topics taught in Banking Awareness are the ones listed below:
RBI and its functions
Banking in India
Current in India
Functions of Indian Regulatory Bodies: IRDAI, NABARD, EXIM, SEBI, etc.
Monetary policy of RBI
Money and Financial Market
Types of Bank Accounts in India
Nationalization of Banks in India
Basel Norms
Small Finance Bank
Negotiable Instrument
Payment Banks in India
Basel Norms
Micro Financial Institutes
Negotiable Instruments
Financial Inclusion & Priority Sector Lending
ATM in India
Risk in the Banking Sector
UPI, NPCI & other Payment Channels

Syllabus for Computer Skills Section of RBI Assistant 2023 Exam

Compared to the subjects covered in the preliminary test, this one is new. There will also be a Computer Knowledge part on the RBI Assistant 2023 Mains test. To do well on this portion, aspirants must have some basic computer knowledge, such as the Internet, MS Office, computer history & operating systems. By reading books or online resources, aspirants may learn more about these topics. For a list of all the exam subjects, see the table below.
Basics of Hardware & Software
History of Computers
Virus and Hacking
Operating System

Key Points for the RBI Assistant 2023 Language Proficiency Test

  • LPT is necessary. No applicant will be given a waiver of any type allowing them to avoid taking the LPT, which will be administered in the appropriate Bank locations.
  • The outcome of the final selection will be based on the aspirant’s performance in the online test, medical fitness, LPT qualification, biometric data, certificate verification, etc., as determined by the bank. In this case, the Bank’s decision shall be final.
  • The performance on the main online test will be the only factor taken into consideration for final selection; biometric verification and LPT are just qualifying in nature.

Exam Format for RBI Assistant

There are three components to the RBI 2023 Assistant preliminary examination. The test has 100 questions of an objective nature. The test carries 100 possible points. According to the test pattern, there are four components in the main exam. The test has 200 questions, and there are 200 possible points in total. Below are the preliminaries and main RBI Assistant 2023 exam structures:

Exam Format for the Prelims RBI Assistant

Three components make up the preliminary test. Aspirants who pass the preliminary exam are summoned for the main test. The structure of the RBI Assistant prelims test is listed below.

  • The exam consists of 100 questions that are divided into three subcategories: reasoning ability, English language skill, and numerical ability.
  • The test can be finished in a total of 1 hour or 60 minutes, with 20 minutes allotted for each component.
  • There is no penalty for not answering a question, however, Incorrect answers will result in a deduction of 0.25 marks.
  • All of the test’s questions are multiple-choice (Objective).
  • For all areas save the English Language portion, you may select to respond to questions in English or Hindi.
  • The Prelims Exam is a qualifying phase, thus it’s crucial to remember that the scores earned there do not factor towards the final ranking.
Section (Objective) Total Questions Maximum Scores Duration
Reasoning or Logical Ability 35 35 20 mins
Numerical & Arithmetic Ability 35 35 20 mins
English Language 30 30 20 mins
Total 100 100 1 hour or 60 mins

RBI Assistant 2023 (Phase 2) Mains Test Format

Successful candidates are invited to take the main test after passing the preliminary exam. In the RBI Assistant 2023 test structure for the Mains, candidates are assessed based on their performance in five topics. Three of them are entirely new topics, and two are tougher than the Prelims exam. By being familiar with the format of the RBI Assistant mains test, candidates can make sure they cover all the subjects and don’t miss anything.

  • General Awareness, Quantitative aptitude, computer knowledge, English language, and reasoning ability are the five areas that make up the 200 questions that make up the Mains Exam.
  • You will have 135 minutes to finish the full exam. Each segment has a specified time restriction, which is noted individually.
  • There is no penalty for not responding to a question, but you will lose 0.25 marks if you answer it poorly.
  • There are solely (Objective) multiple-choice questions in the Mains Exam.
  • You have the option of responding to questions in Hindi or English for all areas except for the English Language portion.
  • It’s important to keep in mind that the final merit list will be based on how you performed in the Mains Test. A language proficiency test will also be offered to aspirants who pass the main exam.
Section Total Questions Maximum Points Time
Numerical or Arithmetic Ability 40 40 30 Mins
English 40 40 30 Mins
Computer Knowledge 40 40 20 Mins
General Knowledge 40 40 25 Mins
Reasoning 40 40 30 Mins
Total 200 200 135 Mins


Tips For RBI 2023 Assistant Exam Syllabus Preparation

  • The first step is to review the whole syllabus for the Prelims & Mains test as the RBI Assistant curriculum contains all the material required for exam preparation.
  • Plan your approach thoroughly in advance and be sure to give each subject equal emphasis.
  • Aspirants must keep their bearings and pay attention to each step of the RBI Assistant test appropriately.
  • It is equally crucial to get the RBI Assistant Exam Syllabus PDF to save time and effort.
  • Consult the RBI Assistant Exam Books that our specialists have offered.
  • Don’t forget to consult the RBI Assistant past year papers, which provide an accurate representation of the test.
  • Continue reviewing the fundamental ideas you gained throughout the preparation, and keep putting the mock exams into practise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the RBI Assistant recruiting process work in 2023?

Aspirants must pass all three steps of the screening process. Preliminary Exam, Language Proficiency Test, and Main Exam.

What will be tested for RBI Assistant Language Proficiency in 2023?

To determine an aspirant’s level of proficiency in the state’s official or regional language, a language competency exam is administered.

What format will the RBI Assistant Mains test have in 2023?

There are 200 total questions in the main exam. The primary test carries a 200-mark maximum. It takes 135 minutes to finish the test.

What method is the RBI Assistant 2023 Preliminary Examination held in?

The RBI Assistant 2023 Prelims test is delivered entirely online. The page above contains information about the RBI Assistant Exam Syllabus and Exam Format.

Does the 2023 RBI Assistant Online Examination include a negative scoring system?

Incorrect answers in online exams (Prelims Test & Mains Test) will result in a penalty of 0.25 marks.

What format will the RBI Assistant 2023 preliminary exam follow?

The prelim examination consists of 100 questions in total. There are 100 possible points in the preliminary test. The preliminary examination is 60 minutes long.

What subjects will be examined in the RBI Assistant Mains Exam 2023?

Reasoning, English, computer knowledge, general awareness, and numeracy are all included in the RBI Assistant 2023 Mains test.

Does the merit list take into account the RBI Assistant 2023 Preliminary scores?

No, the RBI Assistant 2023 Prelims test just serves to reduce the number of candidates for the 2023 Mains test.