Syllabus & Exam Pattern for DSSSB 2023 Recruitment of Teaching & Ton-teaching Profiles

The most popular search on Google is for “DSSSB Full Form,” which is frequently done by both teachers and students. Students’ question papers also include a question on the DSSSB Full-Form. Let’s learn more about the DSSSB Full Form, including its requirements. ‘Delhi Subordinate Service Selection Board’ is the organization’s full name.
Exams are administered by the DSSSB-Delhi Subordinate Service Selection Board, which is a department of the (GNCT) Delhi National Capital Territory government. Hiring qualified aspirants for the Group “B” and “C” categories of posts—both for non-teaching & teaching profiles—is its primary goal.

DSSSB 2023 Exam Syllabus

Aspirants will be hired for positions such as (TGT) Trained Graduate Teacher, (PGT) Post Graduate Teacher, (PRT) Primary Teacher, and other positions, among others, through the DSSSB 2023 test. Knowing the DSSSB Exam Syllabus and Exam Format can help you ace the DSSSB Exam. A last-minute review is always helpful, and updating the DSSSB Exam 2023 Syllabus and exam Format would be a start in that direction. Let’s talk about the DSSSB Exam Syllabus and Pattern for the DSSSB 2023 Recruitment.

For the applicants who will appear in the DSSSB 2023 Recruitment Exam for TGT, PGT, PRT, and other jobs, the (DSSSB) Delhi Subordinate Service Selection Board has issued the comprehensive DSSSB Exam 2023 syllabus. For an overview of the DSSSB test syllabus, see the table below.

DSSSB Exam 2023 Syllabus

Name of the Agency (DSSSB) – Delhi Subordinate Service Selection Board
Name of the examination DSSSB 2023 Exam
Name of the profile PGT, TGT, PRT & Others profiles
Job Openings  1841
Starting Date of Registration August 17th to September 15th 2023
Sort of Questions asked MCQs Type -Objective in nature
Time 120 minutes – 2 hours
Negative scoring 0.25
Authorised website

DSSSB 2023 Exam Format and Syllabus

The DSSSB PGT & TGT hiring process will be based on results from one-tier and two-tier exams. You must be familiar with the DSSSB curriculum and test pattern 2023, which includes all the significant subjects that will be covered in the exam before you start the exam. To be prepared for the DSSSB 2023 Recruitment, aspirants must carefully review the test format and curriculum.


DSSSB 2023 Exam Syllabus
Sections Topics Covered

Mental Ability, General Intelligence, & Reasoning
Non-verbal & Verbal Reasoning





Space Visualization


Decision Making


Visual Memory



Relationship Concepts

Arithmetical Number Series

Figure & Verbal Classification

Arithmetical Reasoning, etc.


Numerical & Arithmetical Ability,
Data Interpretation & Numerical Aptitude





Proportion & Ratio




Profit & Loss

Compound & Simple Interest

Time & Work


Distance & Time

Graphs & Tables

English Skill   Vocabulary




Sentence Structure


Usage of Words etc


Hindi Language सर्वनाम एवं सर्वनाम के भेद।

संज्ञा एवं संज्ञा के भेद।

विशेषण एवं विशेषण के भेद।


वाक्य निर्माण (संयुक्त, सरल, एवं मिश्रित वाक्य)।

विपरीपार्थक, पर्यायवाची, समानार्थी, अनेकार्थक शब्द।

लोकोक्तियाँ एवं मुहावरे ।


क्रिया एवं क्रिया के भेद।

लिंग, वचन

प्रत्यय एवं उपसर्ग

तद्भव, तत्सम, विदेशी एवं देशज शब्द


General Awareness or GK International & National Current Affairs




Culture & Art




Everyday Science

International & National Organizations

Scientific Research

Exam Format for DSSSB 2023 PGT Exam

The three-hour postgraduate teacher test that the DSSSB administers is based on the courses that you studied after graduating. To take the tests, aspirants must be qualified and meet the fundamental requirements. The length and type of questions on each test vary from one another.

  • For 300 marks, questions are of the MCQs kind.
  • Each Question is worth one mark.
  • The test will allow you two hours to complete it.
  • Each wrong response will cost you 0.25 points.
Parts Subjects Total Questions Scores
Part 1 English Comprehension & Language 20 20
Data Interpretation & Numerical Aptitude 20 20
Hindi Comprehension & Language 20 20
General Awareness 20 20
Reasoning Ability & Mental Ability 20 20
Part 2 MCQs relevant to Teaching Methodology and PG course qualification 200
Total 300 300

Exam Pattern for DSSSB 2023 TGT

To be chosen for the DSSSB 2023 TGT exam, aspirants must take a written test. There are 200 MCQs- objective-style questions spread throughout the several disciplines. The DSSSB 2023 TGT written test carries a maximum score of 200 points. 0.25 points will be deducted for each incorrect response, and 1 point will be given for each correct response. The test lasts for two hours.

The trained graduate teacher test for the DSSSB is two hours long, and the subject matter is based on both the B.Ed. and the teaching methodology. To sit in the tests, applicants must meet the fundamental eligibility requirements and must be well-prepared. Exams vary from one another in length and complexity of questions.

The following table details the DSSSB 2023 TGT test format:


Order No. Section Total Questions Total Scores Time
1 Numerical Ability & Arithmetic 20 20

  120 minutes or 2 Hours
2 Reasoning Ability & General Intelligence 20 20
3 English Language 20 20
4 Hindi Language 20 20
5 General Awareness 20 20
6 Particular Subject 100 100
Total 200 200


Nursery & PRT Exam Format for the DSSSB Exam

  • 200 total points will be given for the exam.
  • Exam time: two hours and 120 minutes.
  • Each answer is worth one mark.
  • For each erroneous response, a negative marking of 0.25 will be applied.
Part Subject Covered Total Questions Scores Time
A 120 mins or 2 hours
Reasoning ability and General Intelligence 20 20
Numerical & Arithmetical Ability 20 20
Hindi Comprehension & Language 20 20
English Comprehension & Language 20 20
B Profile Specific Question 100 100
Total 200 200


(LDC) Junior Secretariat Assistant Exam Format for DSSSB 2023

  • According to the DSSSB 2023 Exam Format, there will be five subjects.
  • There will be a total of 200 MCQs in all, and each question is worth 1 point.
  • Aspirants will have two hours to show up for the test.
  • For wrong responses, 0.25 points will be deducted.
Section Total no. of Questions Total Scores Time
General Awareness 40 40  


120 minutes or 2 hours

Reasoning Ability & General Intelligence 40 40
Numerical & Arithmetical Ability 40 40
Test of Hindi Comprehension & Language 40 40
Test of English Comprehension & Language 40 40
Total 200 20


Points to Remember for the DSSSB Exam

  • The candidates will receive a negative grading and will lose 0.25 points for each incorrect statement.
  • The Board has the authority to set the minimal cutoff for any position on the candidates’ availability.
  • Except for the language papers, which will only include questions in that language, the exam questions will be bilingual (English & Hindi).
  • The applicants will go through the One Tier (1)/Two Tier (2) examination procedure for the final round of hiring.
  • Regarding the exams held by the DSSSB, the aspirants will not be allowed to reevaluate or recheck their answer sheets or answer scripts.

TGT PRT PGT Receive Negative Scoring from DSSSB

There is a provision for negative scoring for each erroneous answer in the DSSSB test format. A 0.25 point reduction will be applied for each wrong response. Therefore, aspirants should only mark responses to questions that they fully understand. If they don’t, they’ll lose points, which might lower the likelihood that they’ll be chosen.

Learning Advice for DSSSB Non-Teaching & Teaching Posts

The announcement for the DSSSB non-teaching & teaching post-test has been posted by the (DSSSB) Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board. Aspirants taking the DSSSB test can review the exam’s curriculum and begin studying for it. The correct books and reference materials make it easy for applicants to get ready effectively.

  • To learn the question format, work through past year’s test questions.
  • Improve your speed and time management to finish the paper on schedule.
  • This post has crucial information on DSSSB TGT preparation advice.

Exam Pattern & Syllabus for DSSSB
Aspirants should first review the comprehensive DSSSB 2023 exam format and become familiar with the subjects, syllabus, grading criteria, and key topics before starting their test preparation. The DSSSB test format and 2023 syllabus are different for each position.

Put accuracy and time management first.
Aspirants will have a set amount of time in the DSSSB test to complete the question paper accurately. For incorrect answers that aspirants indicate on the objective test, there will be a negative score. Aspirants must prioritise improving their speed and accuracy in such a situation.

Make a study schedule.
Making a methodical study plan and following it religiously is one of the most crucial DSSSB exam preparation advice. You may split your time wisely to cover each subject after you are familiar with the test’s curriculum and exam format. Draw up a study schedule that works for you so that you can adhere to it strictly.

Maintain your emotional & physical well-being.
You must look after your emotional & physical health as you study for the test. You must be sure to maintain a regular sleep schedule and consume a nutritious diet since doing so will improve your health overall, which is necessary to stay energised and active. To avoid being too worked out, don’t forget to take pauses.

Practice Question Papers & Tests Papers
The secret to succeeding in a tough test like the DSSSB is practice. Aspirants should practise utilising sample papers, old question papers, and mock exams. Aspirants who put in the necessary practise become aware of their areas of weakness & strength and may seek to strengthen those areas.

Revision each week
Before the exam day, every candidate taking the DSSSB 2023 exam must make it a point to thoroughly review each topic. The study schedule may be followed for a week, and then you can review everything after each week to see how much you remember. This will increase your confidence while also giving you a better understanding of the main issues and subtopics.


How is the PGT assessed by the DSSSB Authority?

The DSSSB holds a state-level test called the PGT- Post Graduate Teacher to assist in screening applicants who are qualified for the position of PGT in Delhi schools.

When did the DSSSB 2023 Recruitment announcement go out?

The DSSSB has announced its 2023 recruitment process.

Is there a negative grade in DSSSB?

The DSSSB test for PGT, TGT, and PRT does have a provision for negative grading. A 0.25-point reduction will be applied for each incorrect response.

What are the minimal requirements for aspirants to be eligible for the DSSSB 2023 exam?

Depending on the post for which a candidate has applied, different qualifications must be met before taking the DSSSB test. The aspirants must pass Class 12 or have graduated to be considered for eligibility.

Which types of questions may expect to see on the DSSSB TGT exam in 2023?

The question bank for the DSSSB TGT test 2023 is made up of questions with an objective focus.

What is the DSSSB TGT exam format?

According to the DSSSB TGT test format, there will be 200 questions altogether, worth 200 points. There are 100 questions with 100 possible marks in each of Sections A and B.

What steps do applicants need to complete before being hired by the DSSSB?

The DSSSB has several recruiting stages that applicants must complete to be hired. These stages include a one-tier exam, a two-tier exam that is separated into two sections, and a skill test. The steps differ according to the position the applicant is seeking.

How long will the TGT exam last in total?

The DSSSB TGT test lasts for a total of two hours.

What is the purpose of the DSSSB exam?

The (DSSSB) Delhi Subordinate Services Selection body is an examination-based selection body that falls under the purview of the Delhi government. It is in charge of choosing aspirants for a variety of positions and departments.