Detailed Exam Syllabus & Exam Format for Indian Coast Guard Exam 2023

The Indian Coast Guard has released the exam’s format and syllabus for the ICG-Navik GD. Knowing the most recent curriculum and exam pattern is essential for those studying for the Indian Coast Guard 2023 Navik GD exam. Read the following article to learn about the topic-by-topic Indian Coast Guard 2023 Navik GD Exam Syllabus and to comprehend the scoring system and sectional weighting by the Indian Coast Guard 2023 Navik GD Exam Format.
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Exam syllabus for the 2023 Navik GD in the Indian Coast Guard

The Indian Coast Guard annually introduces the Yantrik & Navik syllabus for DB & GD postings. The topics from Science, Maths, Reasoning, English, and General Knowledge are covered for stage 1 of Section 1 of the syllabus. Parts 3, 4, and 5 of the curriculum include subjects specific to the field. Applicants should thoroughly evaluate the curriculum for the Indian Coast Guard to make sure they have a solid study strategy.

Understanding the syllabus’ importance and the Indian Coast Guard test’s structure is essential. The applicants must completely comprehend and become familiar with every aspect of the Indian Coast Guard syllabus to further their preparations. Candidates are encouraged to study the entire article to get the full curriculum and exam schedule.

Indian Coast Guard Navigation Grade D Syllabus

ICG Navik’s written test covers the following topics: quantitative aptitude, general knowledge, and reasoning, physics, current affairs, mathematics, basic chemistry, knowledge of English up to the 12th grade, and others. Visit the 2023 Navik Syllabus for the Indian Coast Guard for Sections I and II.

Section I Syllabus for ICG General Science

Universe (Earth/ Planets / Sun/ Satellites),
Nature of Matter
Electricity and its application
Wave Motion, and Sound, and Atomic Structure
Measurements in Science
Carbon and its Compounds

Section I Syllabus for ICG Mathematics

Proportion & Ratio
Mathematical Simplification
Algebraic Identities
Basic Trigonometry
Polynomials & Linear Equations, Simultaneous Equations
Simple Mensuration

Section I Syllabus for ICG English

Change passive to active voice & active to passive.
Correction of sentences
Change indirect to direct/ direct to indirect, Tense/ Verbs/Non-Finite
Phrasal verbs and expressions
Use of Adjectives
Antonyms and Synonyms
Use of pronouns
Prepositions & Compounds

Section I Syllabus for ICG General Awareness

Currency & Capitals
Current Affairs
Honour & Awards
National Affairs
Resignations & Appointments, Obituaries
International Affairs
Economy & Business
Authors & their Books
Wildlife Sanctuaries
National parks
Government Policies & Schemes

Section I Syllabus for ICG Reasoning

Sequence and Spellings
Coding and Decoding
Spatial Reasoning
Numerical Reasoning

Section II Syllabus for ICG Physics

Physical World and measurement
Newtons Law of Motions
Nuclei & Atoms
Electronic Devices
Magnetic effects

Section II Syllabus for ICG Mathematics

Algebra – complex numbers, principles of Mathematical Induction, quadratic equations, Determinants and matrices, Series and sequence
Probability – Linear Equations, Statistics Algebraic Identities, and polynomials
Calculus – Derivatives & Limit, differential equations, Continuity and differentially, Applications of integrals.
Linear programming
Relations, Sets, and Functions – Geometry, Measures of Central Tendency, Functions, and relations & inverse trigonometric functions. & Simple Mensuration.
Geometry – Three Dimensional Vectors.
Vectors – three-dimensional geometry

Indian Coast Guard Exam 2023 Yantrik Syllabus

To assist applicants in covering everything on the list, we have included a thorough description of the Indian Coast Guard curriculum for Yantrik 2023 for each topic below. Read the Indian Coast Guard Exam 2023 Yantrik curriculum thoroughly and make the best preparations you can.


Sections Topics Covered
Mechanical Energy Conservation, Engineering Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Fluid Machines, Meteorology and inspection,  Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer,  Production Control, and planning Metal Casting, etc.
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Digital and analog Communication Systems, Electro Magnetics, Control Systems, Materials Science, Basic Electrical Engineering, Basic Electronics Engineering, Analog, Network Theory, and digital Circuits, etc.
Electrical Engineering Functions of capacitors and reactors, Power Engineering, Low Voltage constraints, Distribution, Analysis of Dist. Transformers, HT/LT Performance of line fault analysis, Line parameters, etc.
Aptitude Time and distance, Probability, Profit and loss, Simple Equations, Problems on Trains, Permutations, and combinations, Problems with Numbers, Simplification, and approximation, proportion and ratio, Volumes, Areas, Percentages, etc.
Reasoning or Logical Calendars & Clocks, Embedded figures, Figural Analogy,  Number Series, Blood relation, Mathematical Reasoning, Statements and arguments, Puzzles, Alphabet Series, Similarities & differences, Coding & decoding,  etc.
General Knowledge Authors, Awards, Culture, Religion, Defence, Wars, Neighbours, Capitals, Current Affairs, Anthem, History, Dance, Freedom Movement,  etc.

Indian Coast Guard: suggested books

Students require the top study tools to ace the forthcoming exam. Aspirants will be able to complete the Indian Coast Guard Yantrik & Navik test curriculum and understand every subject that will be included in exam questions with the aid of the books. We have compiled a selection of the best Indian Coast 2023 Guard books to aid students in their studies, which is shown in the table below:

Name of the Book Writer/Publication
Lucent’s General Science Written by Ravi Bhushan
Encyclopedia of GS- General Science for General Competitions Written by Experts Compilation
A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Written by R S Aggarwal
General Mental Ability Logical Reasoning & Analytical Ability Written by UPSC Portal
High School English Grammar & Composition Written by Wren & Martin

How Should the Indian Coast Guard Exam Syllabus Be Prepared?

The aspirants must now intensify their study efforts to complete the Yantrik & Navik course for the Indian Coast Guard. One must score better than the cut-off and have minimal qualifying marks to pass the test. For the benefit of the students, our professionals have provided Indian Coast Guard learning Tips.

  • Look closely at the exam structure and syllabus for the Indian Coast Guard.
  • Take a few practice examinations and review the Previous Year Question Papers to identify the strong & weak subjects.
  • Make a good study schedule that allows ample time for both strong and weak subjects.
  • One of the key components of successful preparation is revision. Changes must be made to your original strategy.
  • Take practise tests regularly to keep track of your advancement and mistakes.

Highlights of the Indian Coast Guard Exam Format

The test pattern’s fundamental information is presented in a tabular manner in some cases. Before beginning their study, applicants must first review the comprehensive ICG test pattern.
The scoring scheme, question distribution, range of passing scores, number of sections, and other information are listed in the Indian Coast Guard Exam 2023 exam pattern. Four phases make up the entire Indian Coast Guard 2023 Exam Pattern.

  • A written test that is given on a computer is part of the exam’s first phase.
  • The (PFT) Physical Fitness Test, Documentation, and Medical Exam are the components of Stage 2.
  • At INS Chilka, stage 3’s final medical examination and documentation are conducted.
  • Aspirants are chosen from Stage 4 for training at INS Chilka.
  • A computer-based examination is used to administer the written exam for the Indian Coast Guard online
Name of the Subject Duration Scores Questions Passing Grades
Section 1
Science 45 Minutes 10 10 30 (EWS/ UR/OBC aspirants),

27 (for ST/ SC aspirants)

Reasoning 10 10
Mathematics 20 20
GK 5 5
English 15 15
Total 60 60
Section II
Physics 30 Minutes 25 25 20 (EWS/UR/OBC aspirants),

17 (for ST/ SC aspirants)

Mathematics 25 25
Total   50 50  

Some Advice for Passing the Indian Coast Guard 2023 Exam

  • According to the study of the last exam, the mathematics & physics portion is growing more difficult.
  • The time needed to prepare for this test depends heavily on the material and exam format.
  • The aspirants should give equal weight to the subjects of general politics, economics, Indian constitution, general science & sports, after completing the fundamental arithmetic with formulae and for general awareness.
  • Aspirants should develop a program based on their areas of strength, comfort level, and areas of weakness.
  • The aspirants will be more confident in passing the Indian Coast Guard 2023 Exam if they practise the previous year’s questions and practise papers, especially the section on logical reasoning that is filled with problems.

India Coast Guard: Medical Checkup

At admission, authorised military physicians will conduct medical examinations in compliance with the medical standards stated in the most recent rules that apply to enrolled soldiers. If applicants pass both the written test and the physical fitness test, they will be qualified to take the medical exam.

Indian Coast Guard: Fitness evaluation

Aspirants who pass the written test will take the (PFT) Physical Fitness Test, which will last around two days. Physically challenged applicants are not eligible to take this test. The prerequisites for the physical fitness exam are listed below:

  • 10 pushups,
  • A 1.6-kilometer run must be finished in 7 minutes.
  • 20 squats

Final Words

The Indian Coast Guard Exam 2023 Syllabus and Exam Format are set by the ICG. The most recent curriculum and exam format must be known by those studying for the Indian Coast Guard 2023 Navik GD exam to organise their study time effectively. To learn about the topic-by-topic Indian Coast Guard 2023 Navik GD Exam Syllabus in detail as well as the marking system and sectional weighting according to the Indian Coast Guard 2023 Navik GD Exam Format, go through this article.


How can I get access to the curriculum for the Indian Coast Guard Exam in PDF?

On this website, aspirants may download the Indian Coast Guard curriculum in PDF format for their records. The curriculum is separated into subjects and is available in pdf format. By clicking the aforementioned link, you can get the PDF of the 2023 Yantrik & Navik syllabus for the Indian Coast Guard.

What is the Coast Guard Navy's curriculum?

The Indian Coast Guard has established the Navik exam syllabus. Math, English, physics, logic, elementary chemistry, numerical aptitude, and current events are just a few of the topics included in the written exam.

Which subjects are required reading for the Indian Coast Guard's reasoning section?

The Indian Coast Guard’s reasoning curriculum includes crucial themes including inference drawing, figural analogies, calendars & clocks, embedded figures, number series, mathematical reasoning, etc.

Does the Coast Guard test include negative marking?

According to the guidelines established by the Indian Coast Guard Recruitment Board, there won’t be a negative grading scheme.

How can I become ready for the Indian Coast Guard exam in 5 months?

Create a detailed 5-month preparation schedule and follow it. Go through each item in the Indian Coast Guard exam curriculum one at a time to make sure you understand it all. Make it a practise to regularly read your notes again once you’ve written them down. Take practise tests regularly to gauge your degree of preparation.

How many points are awarded in the GD tests for the Indian Coast Guard Navik 2023?

Indian Coast Guard Navik 2023 GD tests are given for 50 points.

Does the Indian Coast Guard Navik 2023 DB exam's level of difficulty affect the cutoff scores?

Yes, the Indian Coast Guard 2023 Navik DB test is dependent on the degree of the exam’s complexity, the number of open positions, and the number of aspirants.

When will the Indian Coast Guard 2023 Navik GD Cut-off be made public?

The cut-off is anticipated to be made public shortly.