Learn how to Link your PAN with your Aadhar Card – Date has been extended till 31st June 2023!

Connecting your Aadhaar Card with your PAN Card has now become compulsory. This process is quite essential to get your income tax return. This process has become even more important because while making any transaction of Rs 50, 000/- or more than that in the bank you will have to link your Aadhaar Card with your PAN Card. Well, the method of linking your Aadhaar Card with your PAN Card is quite an easy task that everyone can do easily. But, still, we are providing you a complete guide on how to link your Aadhaar Card with your PAN Card. Follow the below-mentioned steps.

By June 30, 2023, every resident who has a PAN card must also link it to their Aadhaar card. All taxpayers possessing PAN cards must link them to their Aadhaar cards by the deadline or face penalties from the government. Before seeking to link your Aadhaar & PAN Card, you will have to pay a late fee of Rs. 1,000/-. The PAN card will stop working on July 1st, 2023 if the PAN-Aadhaar linkage is not completed by June 30th, 2023. Consequently, make sure your PAN card is connected to your Aadhaar card.

Breaking News: The date of Aadhar Card & Pan Card linking is extended

Good news for those who have not yet linked their Aadhar cards with their PAN card. The date of linking Aadhar with a PAN card has been extended by the authority.

According to the most recent announcement released by the ITD Income Tax Department, the Aadhar card holders who have not linked their Aadhar card with PAN got some more time to apply for the Aadhar & PAN Card linking. You can go to the authorised website of the ITD and apply for the Aadhar & PAN Card link till 31st June 2023 through two different methods which we are going to discuss below.

Why do you need to link your Aadhar Card with your PAN Card?

Your PAN Card must now be linked to your Aadhaar as a legal requirement. Because it will enable the processing of your income tax returns, this procedure is quite essential for all. If you do banking transactions worth Rs. 50,000 or more than that, linking your PAN with your Aadhaar is something that you must have to do.

Your PAN Card can be linked to your Aadhaar Card in a very easy method. We’ll go over some of the procedures you can use to link your Aadhaar with your PAN Card.

Methods to Link your Aadhar Card with your PAN

You can go through two methods to connect your Aadhar with your PAN Card.

  1. One is by using Income Tax e-filling official website (https://www.incometax.gov.in/iec/foportal/)
  2. By texting an SMS to the number 56161 or 567678

Steps to Follow to Link Your Aadhar with your PAN Card via the e-filling official website

Stage 1: Go to https://www.incometax.gov.in/iec/foportal/ official website of the Income Tax department.

Stage 2: Tap on the option given “Link Aadhar” accessible under the tab ‘Quick Link”, Give your details Aadhar card number, your current mobile number, and your Aadhar Card Name.

Stage 3: After this, if your birthday is present there in your Aadhar Card, then click on the square box given, and also click on the box to show your acceptance for the validation of your Aadhar Card.

Stage 4: Now, tap on the option “Link Aadhar”

Stage 5: You can either fill in the Captcha Code or send a request for the OTP (One time Password). You will get the OTP number on your current or running mobile number which is registered.

Stage 6: Click on the last option that says “Link Aadhar”.

Connecting Aadhar with PAN Card through SMS

To link your Aadhar with your PAN Card you can also use the SMS option. You will have to follow a few basic steps to do it:

Stage 1: Write UIPAN 12 Digit Aadhar Card Number 10 Digit PAN Card on your phone

Stage 2: Now send this text to 56161 or 567678

For Example:

SMS ‘UPIDPAN Aadhar Card Number PAN Card Number

What are the disadvantages of not linking your PAN Card & Aadhar Card?

  •  If the Aadhaar & PAN and cards are not connected, filing a (ITR) Income Tax Return will become challenging for you.
  • If PAN is rendered invalid owing to non-linking, income tax will be withheld at a higher rate.
  • If the PAN Card is not connected to the Aadhaar Card, getting a new one could be challenging. Also, the government has mandated that when requesting a new PAN, aspirants must include their Aadhar Card number.
  •  You can’t get your pending refunds, & pending ITRs if your PAN card is invalid.
  •  Consider the case where the PAN and Aadhaar cards are not connected. In that instance, it could make it impossible to use specific government services like getting a passport, getting grants, creating a bank account, etc.
  • The conclusion of ongoing processes, such as those concerning Defective Returns, is prevented by an inoperative PAN.
  • You will have to pay a penalty of Rs. 10,000 if your Aadhaar and PAN Card are not connected.

Advantages of linking your PAN with your Aadhar Card

The process of linking an Aadhar Card with a PAN is a legal process & it’s quite important from the government aspect. It comes with many benefits such as:

For common people:

  • To make any transaction process easy & convenient, you must have an Aadhar card linked with your PAN. The Income Tax Department receives an audit trail of every transaction by linking Aadhaar and PAN.
  • You can’t fill out ITR until your Aadhar & PAN card are not linked
  • The process of filling out ITR is quite an easy task, it doesn’t need many actions to perform such as e-signature or submitting any receipt to the IT cell. All these steps are done automatically through Aadhar e-verification.
  • The latter’s revocation can be avoided with the use of an Aadhaar-PAN linking.
  • Aadhar Card is also used as major ID or Identity & Address Proof for verification purposes.
  • By the use of an Aadhar Card, you will no longer need any other extra documents. It serves as a great source of Identity.

For the Government:

  • The implementation of Aadhaar has made transaction tracking simpler and more efficient. Aadhaar-based authentication is now the standard.
  • Moreover, tax evaders have been observed using it. An Aadhaar-PAN connection addressed the problem of a person having many PAN cards, which also reduced the likelihood of fraud.

What if you are not able to connect your Aadhar with your PAN Card?

Sometimes a situation arises when you are not able to connect your Aadhar with your PAN Card this can be due to some reasons. The most common reason for this is that the details of your Aadhar Card & PAN card didn’t match. Once you will make changes to any one of the cards, you can then link your both cards.

See how you can make changes to your PAN Card:

Make sure that all the details of your PAN Card must be correct before applying for the Aadhar & PAN Card linking. You can’t use it as Identity Proof until you didn’t make possible changes to it.

Check out the steps below to correct your PAN Card:

  • Go to the authorised website of Protean eGov Technologies Ltd https://www.pan.utiitsl.com/PAN/.
  •  Select the option “Correction/Change in PAN Card”
  • A new page will be visible to you on your computer screen, select “Apply for Correction/Change in PAN Card”.
  • Now make the desired changes.
  • Submit a particular amount or fee.
  • Take out a copy of a receipt that you have sent to Protean eGov Technologies Ltd through the post.
  • Make sure that you also send a valid address proof, ID proof, and DOB proof with the registration form.
  • The postal address where you have to send this document is The INCOME TAX PAN SERVICES UNIT (Handled by Protean eGov Technologies Ltd), fifth Floor, Plot No. 341, Mantri Sterling, Model Colony, Survey No. 997/8, Near Deep Bungalow Chowk, Pune, Postal Code- 411 016.
  •  Don’t forget to submit a copy of your current PAN card.

Method to Make Changes in Your Aadhar Card

In many situations, the information given on your Aadhar Card is wrong. You must make the right changes on time. Well, the rectification process for Aadhar Cards is quite convenient and it can be done offline as well as online.

Let’s begin with the Online Process first:

  • Go to https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/web/guest/update the authorised website of the UIDAI.
  • To access your account, you will have to provide your 12-digit Aadhar number and a Captcha Code too. You can also choose the OTP option
  •  On your registered Number, you will get a Time Password (OTP)
  • After entering an OTP number, you will have to tap on the option “Submit”
  • Go for the Aadhar field and make desired changes to it.
  • Also keep a scan or copy of the supporting documents handy as they will be needed while uploading.
  •  Now, you will get an Update Request Number also termed as a URN, once you are done with the previous stage.
  • You must carry a hard copy once the Aadhaar has been updated with the new information.

The offline Process:

  • Use the UIDAI authorised website to get the Correction Form.
  •  Access Resources, then select Enrolment Documents and then Download Forms
  • Now download a correction form for Aadhaar Card
  • Complete the necessary information that you want to change.
  • Any appropriate supporting documentation must be included in any changes that must be made by you.
  • The amended form must be forwarded to UIDAI, Banjara Hills, Post Box No. 99, Hyderabad, 500034, India, together with the supporting papers.

What is the deadline to apply for the PAN & Aadhar card linking?

The deadline was now extended by the Income Tax Department. You can apply for the PAN & Aadhar card linking till 31st June 2023.

Can I still connect my Aadhar with my PAN card if there is a mismatch issue in my name?

Sorry, you can’t apply for Aadhar with my PAN card linking until you didn’t make any desired changes.

Is it compulsory to open an account with the Income Tax Department website?

No, it is not mandatory to open an account with the Income Tax Department to create Aadhar &PAN card linking.

For what time the OTP will be valid which is sent to you on your registered number?

The OTP or One Time Passcode will be valid for 15 mins from the time it was sent.

Do I need to get an Aadhaar card or have it connected to my PAN if I'm not in the taxable bracket?

It is recommended that you obtain an Aadhaar card and link it to your PAN. The majority of government benefits must now be obtained with an Aadhar, thus it is wise to apply for one and link it to your PAN to confirm the validity of your PAN.

I have over Rs. 50,000 worth of financial transactions. Should I connect my Aadhaar Card with my PAN Card?

If your banking transactions total Rs. 50,000 or more, linking your PAN with your Aadhaar would be required of you.

Does everyone have to connect their Aadhaar card & PAN Card?

Of course, everyone is required to link as per the Supreme Court’s (SC) ruling from September 26, 2018.

On which number will I receive an OTP if my name does not match what is on my Aadhaar Card or PAN Card?

When you applied for an Aadhaar Card, you provided a registered contact number, this is where you will get an OTP.

Will it be necessary for me to file an income tax return once my PAN & Aadhar card were linked?

ITR filing is not required as a result of linking PAN & Aadhaar. You must submit an ITR if your gross taxable income is over Rs 2,50,000 or if you fall into one of the categories listed by the income tax department.