Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana – Introduction,Eligibility,Benefits& Coverage!

In 2016, the government of India implemented the PMGKY – Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana. It enables people to deposit money tax-free. The plan mandates payment of 50% of the untaxed amount. The program’s initial implementation period was from December 2016 to March 2017. However, it was subsequently extended through June 2020.

The Tax Laws (2nd Amendment) Act of 2016 included a program that allowed participants to register unexplained funds in exchange for paying a fee equal to 50% of the hidden earnings. The plan pays out an extra 25% of the gain. Additionally, it is returnable without interest for four years.

Key Features of the PM GKY Scheme:

  •   The 25th of March 2020 saw the announcement of an Rs. 1,70,000 crore economic aid plan for the underprivileged and migratory workers by Indian Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.
  •   The country’s 80 crore rural residents are to be covered by this program.
  •   Food and other supplies are included in the relief effort, and they are distributed across eight social groups. Women, those with disabilities, and retirees are all included.
  •   Through this yojana, it also provides poor families with pulses.
  •   According to the central government’s claims, wheat and rice are distributed according to each person. In addition to the rice distribution that was already made available.
  •   This strategy was a set of survival strategies to assist the nation to survive its dangerous circumstances.

Advantageous Effects of the PMGKY Scheme

  •   Eighty crore people are given 5 kg of free wheat and 1 kg of chana for each family as part of this program.
  •   Since the 2020 launch of the program, more than Rs. 50,000 crores have been spent on providing the underprivileged with access to employment opportunities.
  •   A coverage of Rs. 50 lakhs will be offered to ward boys, maintenance cleaners, ASHA workers, nurses, specialists, technicians, paramedics, physicians, and other health-related employees. This feature has the potential to include almost 22 lakhs healthcare professionals.
  •   The plan will cover 80 crore individuals or around two-thirds of the total population.
  •   Each month, 500 rupees would be distributed to the 20.40 crore women who have PMJDY accounts.
  •   Petrol cylinders will be given away for free to 8 crore low-income families as part of this Yojana.
  •   The provident fund accounts of wage earners who work for companies with less than 100 employees and a monthly salary of less than Rs. 15000 would get 24% of their monthly pay.
  •   For a period of three months, Rs. 1000 will be given to three crore needy widows and Divyang category members.

What Does the PMGKY Cover and How Much Does It Cost?

The insurance program is a key feature of the PM GKY Scheme, which supports medical professionals battling COVID-19. Healthcare providers who are treating patients with Covid-19 under this program are covered by government insurance.

Families of healthcare workers who pass away accidentally while performing duties for Covid-19 would receive a pay out of 50 lakhs under this program. It includes over 22 lakhs medical personnel fighting COVID-19. The Ministry of Family and Welfare in this instance pays the Insurance Policy premium.

Public healthcare practitioners are among the people who qualify for this insurance program. They are:

Workers in community health

Retired Volunteers

outside employees

The staff of a private hospital


Urban groups in the area


Other categories of workers are also included on the eligibility list, including:

Boys from Ward,

nurses who work for ASHA

Safai Karamcharis

Specialists, and other medical personnel

Paramedics Technicians

The goal of the PM GKY Scheme

The scheme’s primary goal is to raise the socioeconomic standing of the underprivileged. The federal government is also prepared to speed up the failing plans that have not yet been fully executed under the program.

The program will also try to get more MPs & Ministers to focus on enhancing the economy. They can contribute to the program so that it can properly help the underprivileged.

22 districts in Gujarat have already hosted the program, which has already begun. The program has benefited around 1.5 Lac members of Gujarat’s underprivileged population.

Eligibility Condition for the PMGKY Scheme

All that is required to take advantage of the PMGKY program is the opening of a Jan Dhan account at any bank that has been approved by the Reserve Bank of India, the presentation of the required income proof, the submission of an application form that is accessible at all authorised banks, and the completion of document validation. The authorities will judge whether the applicant is eligible for enjoying the benefits of the plan after checking the provided documentation.

The program was made public as a part of the PMGKY to immediately help enterprises with up to 100 employees and monthly incomes under INR 15,000 do so.

To make it easier for eligible employers to get the benefit, the Unified Portal has been modified to reflect the Scheme. The ECR filing procedure and format remain unchanged. The employers would just need to submit a declaration before submitting the ECR.

Required Documents for GARIB Kalyan Yojana

PMGKY maintains an easy approach that everyone may use. To open a Jan Dhan Account with a bank that has been approved by the Reserve Bank of India, an applicant is required. The applicant must provide income documentation during this process so that it may be further reviewed. It is determined whether or not the aspirants is eligible for the yojana following the screening.

Register for the PM GKY Scheme Online

You may apply for the PM GKY Scheme 2023 online by following our given instructions. Simply read our post in its entirety, then follow the directions given. If you are unaware of the PM GKY Scheme 2023 instructions. You may register without worrying about anything by visiting the authorised website at

You will get detailed information about the policy along with its enrolment process, application method, status checks, etc. Go through this article completely to know everything about the PM GKY Scheme.

The Process to Register Online

To register for the PM GKY, follow the procedures listed below.

  •   Visit the Press Information Bureau’s authorised website as the first step.
  •   Click this link to examine the PMGKY registration option.
  •   After that, provide the necessary bank and other information to finish the registration process.
  •   Take a printout for your records and don’t forget to take one.


  •   Visit the authorised website first:
  •   Your screen will display the website’s home page.
  •   Now Look up PM GKY 2023. The electronic registration form will be shown on your computer screen.
  •   Now carefully enter details like your Address, Name, and other required information into the application form.
  •   Your registration form will get submitted successfully once you press the “Submit” Option.

How do I use the PM GKY Scheme’s benefits?

To apply for benefits under the plan, there is no set procedure. The different state governments screen and award the benefit to all qualifying beneficiaries. The RBI- Reserve Bank of India has granted authorization to any bank, and beneficiaries must have a Jan Dhan Account there. The benefits are instantly deposited to their accounts when they have been approved based on the income documentation they provided when creating the account.

Problems with PMGKY Scheme

The PM GKY Scheme sought to assist those in need across the nation despite significant obstacles. The program made major attempts to reach people in rural places, even if some people had issues with the application procedure or biometric authentication.

Despite difficulties with warehouse logistics and food shortages, the program persisted in its goal of effectively carrying out relief efforts. Despite staffing shortfalls and community lockdowns, the PMGKY program persisted in its efforts to give those in need of support much-needed assistance.

The difficulties faced while implementing PMGKY have offered insightful tips for enhancing India’s public distribution system. The government has acknowledged the significance of fixing the problems brought to light by the epidemic since it operates one of the biggest public distribution networks in the world.

The introduction of PMGKY has highlighted two urgent needs: the requirement for more modern and enhanced warehouse facilities, as well as the significance of enabling simple access to these storage capabilities. By recognising and meeting these needs, the public distribution system can better assist individuals in need and offer crucial support in times of disaster.

What are the steps for checking the PMGKY Scheme status?

On each state’s FCS portal, people can check the status of the PM GKY. With such a thorough examination of the PM GKY Scheme, we have concluded this paper.

Readers should be aware that the Government has chosen to prolong the duration of this insurance program because of the ongoing conflict with COVID-19. If medical professionals pass away accidentally while doing work-related duties for Covid-19, this choice will benefit their relatives.

Final Words

During COVID, the PMGKY helps close the wealth and poverty gap by offering assistance to those who don’t have a lot of money. The program provides a variety of services to assist persons who are in need so they may carry on with their life. To increase the number of individuals who can benefit from the National Food Security Act, the PM GKY Scheme, and the Antodaya Anna Yojana were recently integrated by the government.


What does Pradhan Mantri GKY Scheme 2020 entail?

The PMGKY is an INR1.70 billion support program introduced for migrant workers and the rural and urban poor to help them financially combat the coronavirus. This comprehensive bundle aids those who are impoverished and in need of purchasing necessities for their homes.

Who are qualified to apply for the PMGKY?

All employers whose employees make less than Rs. 15000 per month are eligible for the PM GKY Policy 2016. The impoverished, migratory labourers and COVID-19 combatants are the targets of the PMGKL Policy 2020.

What is the duration of the PMGKY insurance coverage?

Starting on March 30th, the insurance is good for three months.

Is there a maximum age for health professionals?

There is no age restriction with this particular plan.

On which date the PMGKY Scheme was launched?

In 2016, the Indian government introduced the PMJKY Scheme. The program took on a new shape during the COVID-19 pandemic-related nationwide lockdown when a relief fund of 1.70 lakhs was subsequently established in March 2020 for the underprivileged and needy.

Which advantages do women receive under this scheme?

  •   Ex-gratia of Rs 1,000 for windows, Divyangs, and old persons from underprivileged backgrounds.
  •   Monthly ex-gratia payment of Rs 500 to all women who have registered for the JDY – Jan Dhan Yojana Scheme.
  •   Free LPG cylinders would be provided for the following three months to the 8.3 crores of BPL families with LPG connections under the Ujjwala scheme.
  •   A total of 63 lakh women’s SHGs would get up to Rs. 20 lakhs in collateral-free loans via the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM).

What medical expenses are protected under the PMGKY Scheme?

The PMGKY 2020 health insurance program covers any death caused by a coronavirus or any unintentional fatality brought on by COVID-19 duty.

Is signing up for the PMGKY essential to take advantage of the program?

No. It’s not required to sign up for this program.

How can I find out the current status of the PMGKY Scheme?

Through their state’s FCS & CA (Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs) website, people can track the progress of the PMGLY Scheme.

Does the plan cover the costs of quarantine & treatment?

No. None of the costs associated with medical care in isolation are covered by this plan.

Is the insurance coverage issued under the PMGKY program still valid?

Yes, starting on March 30, 2020, the insurance policy offered by this program is only good for 90 days.

What coverage is offered by the PMGKY program?

The following is a list of the coverage that the accident insurance program offers:

  •   Unintentional fatality brought on by COVID-19 duty.
  •   Owing to COVID-19, death.