Indian Postal Jobs – Advantages,Roles, Salary, & More!

The department of Posts, also known as Indian Post, is the largest postal system in the world and is run by the government. There are 22 postal circles in India, and a chief postmaster general oversees each of them. Given the size of the network, it is clear that many people are employed by the system. Employees of the Indian Station are paid by their post or rank, just like other members of the government.

What is Indian Postal System or Indian Post?

The department of Posts, also known as Indian Post, is the largest postal system in the world and is run by the government. There are 22 postal circles in India, and a chief postmaster general oversees each of them. Given the size of the network, it is clear that many people are employed by the system. Employees of the Indian Station are paid by their post or rank, just like other members of the government.
The government of India’s Ministry of Communication and Information Technology oversees the Department of Posts (India Post), which is a government-operated postal service. Eligible Indian Nationals can apply for jobs in India Post and the Indian Postal Circle. Post Office Government Jobs 2022–2023 are updated here for government job seekers.

Career opportunity in the Indian Postal Service:

As the number of post offices in India grows, so do the openings for post office recruiting. Every year, the Indian Post publishes notices for the recruitment of the Indian Post Office. The job openings for the Indian Postal Service test are advertised in the top newspapers in addition to the official website.`
Mail Guard, Postman, and Postal Assistant are just a few of the profiles that are filled yearly through a different selection process. Other profiles include Multi-Tasking Staff (MTS), Gramin Dak Sevak (GDS), and Gramin Dak Sevak (GDS). Aspirants who pass the Class 10 exams can start working for the Indian Postal Service right away. For information about careers with the Indian Postal Service, job descriptions, pay, essential qualifications for employment, etc., read this article.

What exactly does Indian Postal Service do?

Among other things, the Indian Postal Service delivers mail (post), sends money via money orders, offers life insurance protection through Rural Postal Life Insurance (RPLI) and Postal Life Insurance (PLI), accepts deposits through Small Savings Schemes, & offers services like form sales & bill collection.
With its 154,965 branches, the DoP – Department of Posts also serves as the Government of India’s employee for the release of MGNREGS wage disbursement & old age pension amounts. Since India’s independence, where there were 23,344 post offices at the time, the total number of Indian post offices has increased seven-fold. Because of this, a job in Indian Postal exam tracking is completely secure.

Job Profiles for a Career in Indian Postal Service

According to the openings, aspirants who want to work for the Indian Postal Service can apply for a variety of positions. India has 23 postal circles, each of which is further subdivided into regions, regions into subdivisions, and subdivisions into further subdivisions.
With a vast network, the Indian Postal Service offers a choice of job profiles for starting a career. The following section lists the numerous job profiles that are available with the Indian Postal Service:
One of the most competitive positions offered by the Indian Post is the Gramin Dak Sevak (GDS). Four distinct work profiles are included in Gramin Dak Sevak. The following four Gramin Dak Sevaks profiles

Branch Post Manager (BPM):

In the Indian Postal Service, this is a supervisory post. The Branch Post Manager (BPM) is the duty of overseeing all Gram Panchayat postal operations.

Mail deliverer (MD)-

BPM gives the mail to the mail deliverer (MD), who is in charge of distributing the mail to the end-user or general public.

Postal worker or collector-

It is the responsibility of the mail collector to transfer the mail bags between the branch post office and the accounting office & vice-versa.

Postal carrier – 

A postal carrier may also occasionally perform the duties of a mail deliverer. A packer is responsible for packing and opening mail bags, which lessens the workload of an MD and MC.

Multi-Tasking Staff (MTS) –

As the name suggests, MTS is in charge of all other tasks at the post office. A multi-tasking employee will be expected to carry out various tasks; their functions are not clearly defined.

A postman

He is a person who delivers mail and packages to homes and businesses. Delivering mail and getting signatures from recipients are the postman’s main responsibilities.

Mail Guard –

Paying the same as a postman and having a similar employment status, the Mail Guard is in charge of inspecting, obtaining, and delivering bags from sorting offices to post offices in the early morning and vice versa.

Postal Assistant –

An Indian Postal Service postal assistant is in charge of disposing of mail and preserving data. Along with disposing of mail, a postal assistant’s duty also entails offering customer service.

Work of Postal Service Personnel

  • Employees of postal services collect, sort, and deliver mail in addition to selling postal goods.
  • Tasks of Postal Service Employees
  • The following is normally what postal service employees do:
  • Gather letters and packages
  •  Sort incoming mail and packages.
  • Sell postage stamps and other postal goods.
  •  For certified, registered, and insured mail, obtain customer signatures.
  •  Operate a variety of postal machinery
  •  Send out incoming mail using postal trucks
    Workers with the postal service collect and prepare mail for delivery to residences, places of business, and post office boxes. Based on the kind of work they do, workers are categorised.

Advantages of working at the Indian Postal Department

You’ve come to the right place if you’re considering a career as a postal worker but are unsure about your opportunities for advancement. Most people believe that working for the post office is not a wise career choice. But the truth is that working for the US Postal Service has many advantages.
Here are five reasons to think about a career in the postal service.

1. Job Conditions

Jobs in the postal service don’t have a lot of rigid qualifications. You don’t need experience or a high school graduation to apply for entry-level positions. A postal exam and a successful interview are the only requirements for clerical positions like mail sorters and mail carriers.

2. Compensation and Perks

Despite fewer stringent job standards, postal workers nevertheless receive fair compensation and benefits. Depending on the position, the majority of postal workers make a fair. Permanent postal employees are given benefits such as paid vacation, overtime, retirement, and health insurance.

3. Job Security

Jobs at post offices are therefore highly secure. Working with the Indian Postal offers the steadiness you need in an unstable job market. The majority of postal employees work with the business until they retire.

4. Workplace suitability

There are many different kinds of postal employment opportunities. Those that enjoy being in the great outdoors will fit in well with the job of a postal carrier. Mail sorting and post-processing are good options for people who enjoy working at a desk. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from a wide variety of alternative postal service careers.

5. Less Requisite

Compared to many other jobs kinds, postal work is less physically and intellectually taxing. Routine tasks that don’t need much effort are carried out by postal workers. Despite the long hours required, the work itself is simple and not very demanding.

Eligibility Criteria and Selection Process

Aspirants must meet the requirements for each post to be considered for the position. The Indian Postal Service’s age and educational requirements for various positions are listed in the space below.

The Gramin Dak Sevak

Age Requirement: Must be the appropriate age as indicated below. 18 years old minimum; 40 years old maximum

  • Aspirants must have completed class 10 and possess a working knowledge of computers.
  •  Selection Criteria – Based on merit score from class ten.

Mail Guard and Postman

Age Requirement – Should be within the range of the following age requirements – 18 years old at lowest; 27 years old at highest

  •  Aspirants must have earned a grade of 10 or above in their education.
  • Using the class 10th merit score as the base for selection

The Postal Assistant

Age Requirement – Should be within the range of the following age requirements – 18 years old at lowest; 27 years old at highest

  • Aspirants must have passed the class of 12 to be eligible for employment.
  • Three different tests are used in the three stages of the SSC CGL selection process: Tier 1 is an online objective exam, Tier 2 is a descriptive exam, and Tier 3 is a skill test or data entry test.

Multitasking Personnel

Age Requirement: You must be at least the age listed below. Upper Age: 25 Years Lower Age: 18 Years

  • Aspirants must have graduated from an accredited institution with a class 10 or ITI.
  •  Based on the merit list, the selection is done.
  •  Additionally, aspirants for SC/ST, OBC, and PH are eligible for age reduction.


How to Submit an Online Application for the India Post Office Recruitment?

  • Aspirants must go to the authorized website, apply.
  • Next, finish the registration procedure.
  • Complete the application form and include all required papers.
  • Make application fee payments.
  • Take a hard copy of the application fees.


A career in the post office may be the best fit for those without a high school diploma, in particular. They could provide access to a promising and satisfying job. You won’t regret choosing a profession in postal service. To find the latest job released by the Indian Post, keep coming to Formal Monkey and get the latest updates.

FAQs for Indian Postal Service

Is there a test to be taken to be hired for the Indian Postal Service position of Gramin Dak Sevak?

No. Based on Class 10 test results, candidates are chosen for GDS recruitment by the Indian Postal Service. However, to qualify for higher cadre positions like postal or sorting assistant, one must pass the SSC CGL test, and applicants for group “A” positions must take the UPSC civil services examination.

How can I find employment at the post office?

The India Postal Service accepts applications from Indian citizens who have completed class 10. Throughout the year, many post office circles publish recruiting notices for various job descriptions. If applicants meet the requirements, they may apply.

How will candidates be chosen for the India Post Recruitment?

The candidates will be chosen via a merit-based selection process.

Is employment with the Indian Postal Service regarded as government employment?

Yes. Being employed by the Indian Postal Service, which is an arm of the Indian government, is referred to as getting a government job (or Sarkari Naukri).

What are the requirements to apply for the India Post Recruitment?

To apply for the India Post Recruitment, aspirants must have completed their 10th or 12th grade.

What is the postman's starting wage?

The average monthly wage for a postman in India is 22,243 INR, which is 4% less than the monthly wage of 23,228 INR reported by India Post (India) for this position.

How many different job categories does the post office have?

All postal goods with message-like contents, such as postcards, letters, inland letter cards, ordinary packages, registered, value-payable, insured, and speed post articles, are referred to as “mail.” First-class and second-class mail are additional categories for mail.

For the post office exam, what should I study?

Students must prepare for a variety of topics for the India Post Recruitment Exam, including English, Basic Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness of Basic Postal Knowledge, and Local Languages (Hindi, etc.),

Which Local Language is Required for Indian Job Recruitment?

The local language, whether as a required or optional course, should have been studied by the candidate at least through the tenth grade. You can check the authorised website for information about your city’s language.

Do I need a degree from a college or university to work with the Indian Postal Service?

No. Different job descriptions in the Indian Postal Service are open to applicants who have passed Class 10. Except for the staff car driver and sorting assistant/postal assistant, they must have completed classes 10 and 8, respectively.

What is the postal examination passing score?

Any result above 70 is regarded favourably for any of the four postal exams, with 70 serving as the minimum passing mark. If an ineligible status is displayed in place of a score, it signifies you fell short of the required 70. In this instance, you will only be given one year to prepare for the exam again.

Is cycling knowledge necessary for a job at the post office?

For all GDS positions, cycling knowledge is a prerequisite requirement. If a candidate has experience riding a scooter or motorcycle, that experience may be regarded as experience cycling. A declaration to this effect must be submitted by the candidate.