FCI Recruitment – Check Application, Selection Process, Eligibility, and Salary!

The Food Corporation of India was established in accordance with the Food Corporations Act of 1964 to achieve the Food Policy’s goals. FCI has made a substantial contribution to India’s achievement in transforming its food security system from one that was centred on crisis management to one that was stable since its founding.
It was established to achieve national food security and self-sufficiency while distributing food grains through a public distribution system over the entire nation.
CACP was another important institution. These two organisations were anticipated to cooperate with the MSP regime and the public distribution system. (The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare’s connected office is the CACP. It is required to recommend minimum support prices (MSPs) to encourage farmers to use new technologies, increase overall grain production, and increase productivity, to the nation’s changing demand trends.

About FCI –The Food Corporation of India

The Food Corporation of India, one of the largest corporations created by the Indian government, also has one of the largest supply chains in the nation. Their corporate offices were moved from the state Chennai to New Delhi.
In addition to buying 12 to 16% of the nation’s total production of rice, the FCI also buys 15 to 21% of India’s wheat output. Purchases are made in line with the Minimum Support Price and are not subject to procurement restrictions as long as the conditions for Fair Average Quality are met.
Recent efforts by the Food Corporation of India to purchase pulses in various regions for the crop year 2015–16 have resulted in a major departure from the corporation’s previous practises.
In the table below, additional information regarding the Food Corporation of India is provided:

Facts about the Food Corporation of India

Department Food Security
Discovered January 14, 1965
Managing & Chairman Director IAS Shri Sanjiv Kumar
Products Rice and Wheat
Parent Entity Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Department of Food and Public Distribution, Food and Public Distribution
Services Providing India’s food security

Purposes of the FCI

The Food Corporation of India’s goals are as follows:

  • Appropriate price to safeguard the interests of struggling farmers
  • Effective food grain distribution using a public distribution system (PDS)
  • Maintaining operational and buffer inventories of food grains is necessary to guarantee the ongoing availability of staple foods.
  • Food grain market prices should be regulated to keep them reasonable for the general public to purchase.

What are the Principal Activities of FCI?


  • Through the State and FCI Agencies, the Central Government offers price support for purchasing paddy, wheat, and coarse grains. The public procurement agency purchases all food grains that meet the required standards for the (MSP) Minimum Support Price plus any declared incentive bonuses.
  • Both indirect and direct methods of procurement are used.


  • FCI satisfies TPDS standards by purchasing grains distributed at the government-set Central Issue Price to assist the economically weaker segments of society.
  • Food grains are sent by FCI from its base depots to State Agencies/ State Governments for distribution by the latter through Fair Price Shops.

System of Wide Distribution

  • In India throughout the interwar years, there was the public distribution of necessities. However, PDS was born out of the dire food shortages of the 1960s and focuses on distributing food grains in urban areas with a lack of access to them.

Systematic Public Distribution Aims

  •  After the initial PDS system failed, the (TPDS) Targeted Public Distribution System was introduced in 1997 to assist the underprivileged while maintaining the intended level of budgetary food subsidies.

Features of FCI

  • To purchase grains of food
  • To keep sufficient operating and backup supply for food security
  • Grain allotment to the state
  • Grain sales to the state at the “Central Issue Price”
  • Delivering and shipping grains to the state

Why does FCI keep a supply of food grains on hand?

Every nation has some food reserves on hand to deal with any potential food emergencies brought on by drought or any other natural disaster.
Due to macroeconomic imbalances, there can occasionally be abrupt changes in the price of major commodities. For instance, because of temporary price increases, the production of important food crops may quickly switch to cash crops.
Despite pressure from wealthy nations in venues like the WTO, India upheld its strategy of maintaining adequate physical stockpiles in the wake of LPG reforms.

Basic Requirements for FCI Recruitment Exams

The Food Corporation of India (FCI) administers exams for a variety of positions, including general manager, assistant general manager, medical officer, and others. Below are the eligibility requirements, including age restrictions and educational requirements.
We’ll keep you posted on information on upcoming FCI exams for the positions of assistant general manager, general manager, and medical officer. Aspirants can also check the FCI’s authorised website for the latest information on future tests.
Nationality FCI
Aspirants from India must be citizens to apply for the FCI exam for various positions. The applicants must have all of the required paperwork on hand to provide during the FCI’s verification process.
Age Restrictions:
For the first appointment to any of the positions listed in the table below, applicants must be at least 18 years old. The FCI has informed the following age restrictions for a variety of positions.

Order No. Profile Age Restrictions
1 (Accounts) Assistant General Manager 28 Years
2 (Technical) Assistant General Manager 28 Years
3 Medical Officer 35 Years
4 (Law) Assistant General Manager 33 Years
5 (General Administration) Assistant General Manager     30 Years  

Basic Educational Qualification for the FCI
Engineering degree requirements apply to the position of FCI JE. The application is open to engineers from all fields. Aspirants with diplomas are also welcome to apply if they have at least a year’s worth of relevant job experience.

The number of Attempts & FCI Work Experience

No specific job experience is required for the positions of Stenographer, Assistant Grade 3, Watchman, or Typist before an applicant is qualified to sit for the FCI Recruitment Examination.
Additionally, until an aspirant reaches the required age, they are free to take the FCI Recruitment Examination. The aspirant who meets the requirements may submit an application for the FCI Recruitment examination.

The necessary paperwork for FCI registration

The needed application documents for FCI Recruitment are as follows:

  • Actual email address and a working mobile number
  • A passport-size image of the applicant
  • Scan of the candidate’s signature
  • Thumb impression from the candidate’s left hand
  • Photocopied copy of the category certificate (if any)
  • A list of banks where registration fees can be paid.

Application Method for the FCI Recruitment

The following are the procedures for completing an application using the FCI Apply Online –

  • To begin the online application process for FCI Recruitment Exam, click on the aforementioned link.
  • The homepage has a section called “Current Recruitment.”
  • Select “FCI Job Recruitment” from the list of available jobs and apply.
  • On the following page, click the link “Apply Online.”
  • You will be directed to a different page where you can see the link “Click here for new registration.”
  • Click on this link and complete all the fields that are requested.
  • After entering all the necessary data, press “submit.”
  • Sign in and complete the application. Give close attention to every field.
  • Upload the required files in the format required.
  • Examine the data before applying.
  • Aspirants are encouraged to print their electronic receipt and online application for their records.

Registration fees for FCI

The following table breaks down the registration fee for FCI Recruitment 2022 by category. It may vary for coming years

Category Registration Fee
PWD/ ST/SC/ Female           No Fee
UR/ OBC/ EWS   Rs 800/- (may vary for coming recruitment exams)

Key Considerations for FCI Exam Preparation

  • Based on your needs, you can create a custom study timetable. It’s important to remember that none of the crucial topics covered in the FCI Syllabus should be skipped.
  • Consistently read newspapers in English. This has two benefits. You will gain more knowledge about current events every day. Your vocabulary will grow and you’ll read more quickly all at once.
  • You should verify the sectional time limits or the length of each segment twice or three times, and then alter your time management strategies as necessary.
  • If you want to ace just about any test, you must develop your time management skills. Time management is essential for both studying and passing the test.
  • Make an effort to take practise exams and analyse your mistakes to avoid doing the same ones again.

Salary & other Perks at FCI

Food Corporation India offers employees rewarding career options. The FCI makes sure that its staff members receive competitive pay and a range of benefits. Several duties are then followed by a competitive compensation and benefits package. Applicants should be informed of the salary and job description if they wish to work for this esteemed company. To get a detailed salary chart for any particular profile, we advise you to visit the authorised website of the FCI.

FAQs about the FCI Recruitment

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What function does FCI serve?

To preserve food security, FCI is crucial. It entails maintaining a fair price so that people of all income levels may afford them and buying grains from farmers who have an excess at a set price to prevent mismanagement.

What are FCI's primary responsibilities?

FCI’s primary responsibilities include the distribution of food grains across the nation via the Public Distribution System and effective price support operations to protect farmers’ interests by paying them fair rates for their food grains.

What is the FCI Recruitment 2022's minimum age requirement?

The minimum age requirement to apply for the FCI position is 18. However, the FCI Board offers concessions to the various groups.

Can freshers without prior experience apply for FCI positions?

Other than the position of FCI Junior Engineer, freshmen may apply for any FCI position.

what age reductions under FCI are available to applicants who are SC or ST?

For SC/ST aspirants, the upper age limit is lowered by five years.

How many applications may you submit for this FCI Recruitment?

There is no cap on how many times you can show up for the FIC Recruitment. When an aspirant passes the upper age limit specified in the eligibility requirements, they are no longer eligible to take the FCI exam.

Can Tibetan refugees apply for the FCI Recruitment exam?

The application process is open to Tibetan refugees who moved permanently to India before 1st January 1962.

How can I pay the registration cost for the FCI?

Registration fees for the FCI test can be paid using a debit card, credit card, or through net banking.

Can someone who holds a diploma apply for the position of FCI Junior Engineer?

The profile of Junior Engineer in the FCI is open to applicants who hold a diploma. However, to be qualified to apply for the JE, the diploma holder must have one year of experience.

Describe the FCI exam.

FCI, which stands for the Food Corporation of India and administers exams for several positions.

What happens if an applicant submits applications and fees more than once?

The application with the highest “registration/application number” with full fee payment will be taken into consideration if an aspirant applies more than once; the fee for further applications that have already been paid will never be returned.

Is the FCI Manager Exam challenging?

Because there aren’t many openings, so the competition is too high. You will be able to pass the FCI management exam, nonetheless, with careful preparation. If you study consistently and sincerely, no exam is difficult. The FCI screening procedure advises our applicants to concentrate on their preparation plan to move further.

Does the registration fee for some applicants be refunded?

Yes. Applicants from the SC, PwBD, and ST categories as well as women applicants do not need to submit an application fee to take part in the FCI Manager Recruitment Exam.

What are some important considerations when preparing for the FCI exam?

As you get ready for the FCI Exam, remember to make your study timetable, manage your time effectively, and read newspapers.

Are mock test series helpful for preparing for the FCI Exam 2021?

FCI Online Mock Tests can help you get ready for the real exam because they will offer you a sense of the pressure and environment, boosting your confidence and making you feel more prepared.

Can graduates apply for the FCI JE position?

Those with a diploma and one year of work experience may apply.

What is the FCI Assistant Grade 3 salary?

FCI Assistant Grade 3’s base pay ranges from Rs. 9,300/- to Rs. 22,940/-.

Is the FCI fall under the purview of the federal government?

Yes, the Food Corporation of India is a central government position.