Latest Exam Pattern & Syllabus for IBPS Clerk Recruitment 2023

Aspirants who want to pass the IBPS Clerk test should carefully review the Mains & Prelims sections of the comprehensive IBPS Clerk curriculum. The Clerk position does not need an interview. Numerical Ability, English, Reasoning, General Awareness, and Computer Aptitude topics are included in the IBPS Clerk curriculum. For optimal test preparation, view the complete IBPS Clerk curriculum for the Mains & Prelims exams here.

IBPS Clerk Syllabus: What is it?

Preliminary and main exams are broken up per the IBPS Clerk curriculum. Obtaining the IBPS Clerk curriculum is the initial step in the preparation process. The Bank Clerk test’s syllabus is essentially the same as any other bank exam. The IBPS syllabus is designed to be at the graduate & high school level. Both the preliminary and major exams’ questions are all of the objective kind. The IBPS Clerk curriculum might assist students to organise their studies and concentrate on subjects that call for more attention. Understanding topical concepts is also beneficial.

Most Recent Syllabus for IBPS Clerk Recruitment Exam 2023

Access the IBPS Clerk curriculum for the IBPS Recruitment for vacancies in the clerical cadre. Before taking the online examinations, candidates must download the IBPS Clerk Exam Syllabus in order to adequately prepare for the exam. The IBPS has created a detailed curriculum for the online exam, and both the IBPS Mains and IBPS Prelims test syllabuses will be used to deliver the exams. In order to plan their study time properly and pass the exam, aspirants should be acquainted with the whole IBPS Clerk curriculum.

  • There are two steps to the hiring procedure for IBPS Clerk Clerks & MT: the online main exam & the online preliminary exam.
  • Students must correctly evaluate & understand the IBPS Clerk Recruitment Syllabus 2023 in order to know what will be on the test and what to study for.
  • To determine the weighting of the sub-topics covered in each part of both the main & preliminary examinations, aspirants must consult prior years’ papers and online test series. Those who complete the preliminary stage are instructed to take the main examination.
  • Each part of the test has a different distribution of marks. The applicants must complete the paper within the allotted time.

Overview of the IBPS 2023 Clerk Exam Syllabus

The IBPS Clerk 2023 Exam Syllabus may be used to assist applicants get ready for the IBPS Clerk Recruitment Exam. The IBPS Clerk exam syllabus and exam format must be familiar to the students. Let’s take a quick look at the IBPS 2023 Clerk exam Syllabus and Exam format.

The weighting of the sub-topics questioned in each part of both the main & preliminary exams must be known by the applicants, who must consult the previous years’ question papers and online test series. Those who succeed in the preliminary exam are told to take the main exam. Below, we’ve included a complete breakdown of the most recent IBPS 2023 Clerk exam Syllabus and Exam format so that applicants may organise their study strategies.

IBPS 2023 Clerk Syllabus - Key Points

  • Success in the IBPS Clerk test depends in large part on your knowledge of the material.
  • To pass the bank clerk test and appear on the final merit list, aspirants need thoroughly review all topics and practise previous years’ exams. Before taking the final examinations in 2023, applicants are urged to review IBPS 2023 Clerk Previous Year Question Papers.

Exam Organising Agency

IBPS- Institute of Banking Personnel Selection

Examination Name IBPS Clerk
Profile Clerk
Hiring criteria
  • Prelims Test
  • Mains test
Scores of the exam
  • Prelims test: 100 points
  • Mains Test: 200 points
Duration of Exam
  • Prelims Exam: 60 mins or 1 Hour
  • Mains Exam: 2 Hours 40 Minutes
Scoring System (for Prelims) Each right response receives one point in the online test.
Negative Scoring one-fourth of the points allotted to the MCQ question
Examination Mode Online
Language supported With English & Hindi, there are 13 regional languages.

IBPS 2023 Clerk Syllabus

Now, look at the IBPS Clerk 2023 exam’s section-by-section curriculum. This will help you fully comprehend the test and create an effective preparation plan for yourself. Regardless of whether a candidate is attempting the Mains & Prelims test, the curriculum is supplied for all topics. The following is the IBPS 2023 Clerk Exam Syllabus for the Main & Preliminary Exams:

Preliminary IBPS 2023 Clerk Exam Syllabus

There are three areas in this objective-based paper: English Language, Reasoning Ability, and Numerical Ability. Over the previous five years, this has been norm. Aspirants will go through the same process in 2023 as well. Below is a list of the IBPS 2023 Clerk prelims exam syllabus.

English Language Section Logical Reasoning Ability Section Arithmetic Ability


Tenses Rules

Jumbled Paragraphs

Cloze Test(Fill in the Blanks)

Idioms and Phrases

Error Spotting

Multiple Meaning


Preposition Rules

Reading Comprehension








Alphabetic Series

Coded Inequalities

Sufficiency Tests

Direction Test,







Blood Relations

Coding and Decoding

Loss, Profit, and Discounts

Approximation and Simplification

Quadratic Equations

Alligations & Mixtures

Surds and Indices

Simple and Compound Interest

Work and Time

Time, Speed, and Distance

Data Interpretation

Mensuration: Sphere, Cone, Cylinder

Proportion, Ratio, and Percentage

Series & Sequences

Number Systems

Combination, Permutation, and Probability


IBPS 2023 Clerk Mains Exam Syllabus

The subjects from the preliminary exam are covered here in the IBPS 2023 Clerk Mains Exam curriculum.

The IBPS 2023 Clerk Mains Exam syllabus specifies that the paper is broken up into four components.

The following topics are included in the IBPS Clerk test syllabus:

  • General English
  • Financial & General Awareness
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Computer Aptitude & Reasoning Ability

IBPS Clerk Mains Test Syllabus for Reasoning

  • Puzzles
  • Seating Arrangements
  • Inequalities
  • Syllogism
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Input-Output
  • Ranking & Order
  • Blood Relations
  • Alphanumeric Series
  • Direction Sense
  • Distance
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Simplification
  • Decision Making
  • Classification
  • Coded Inequalities
  • Statements and Arguments
  • Machine Input-Output
  • Assertion and Reasoning
  • Passage and Conclusions

IBPS Clerk Mains Exam Syllabus for English Language

  • Spotting Errors
  • Sentence Correction
  • Cloze Test
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Sentence Improvement
  • Para Jumbles
  • Para/Sentence Completion
  • Word Formation
  • Vocabulary
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Misspelt Words
  • Passage Completion
  • Phrases and Idioms
  • Active/Passive Voice
  • Synonyms and Antonyms

IBPS Clerk Mains Syllabus: Quantitative Aptitude

  • Data Interpretation
  • Number Series
  • Approximation/ Simplification
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Mensuration
  • Profit and Loss
  • Average
  • Quadratic Equation
  • Proportion & Ratio
  • Time and Distance
  • Time, Work, and Energy
  • Relations
  • Probability
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Compound & Simple Interest

General Awareness Syllabus for IBPS 2023 Clerk Mains Exam

  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Affairs
  • GK Updates
  • Important Places
  • Currencies
  • Books and Authors
  • Headquarters
  • Important Days
  • Awards
  • Prime Minister Schemes

IBPS Clerk Mains Exam Syllabus for Computer Awareness

  • Basics of software & Hardware
  • Internet terms and services
  • Windows operating system basics
  • History of Computers
  • Basic Functionalities of MS Office (MS-Excel, MS-word, MS-PowerPoint)
  • Communication & Networking,
  • Database basics
  • Viruses & Security Tools
  • Basics of Hacking

Exam Format for IBPS Clerk 2023 Exam

The IBPS, which conducts the clerical cadre examination for the many banks taking part in the IBPS recruiting, sets the IBPS 2023 Clerk Exam Pattern.

The IBPS administers the Clerk test, which is held annually to hire clerks for India’s top Public Sector Banks (PSBs).

Because of the intense competition for this bank test, aspirants must be aware of the IBPS 2023 Clerk test pattern in order to effectively prepare.

Preliminary IBPS 2023 Clerk Exam Format

  • A single paper with three sections makes up the IBPS Clerk prelims exam format. The English Reasoning Ability, Language, and Quantitative Aptitude parts make up this test.
  • There are a total of 100 points available for the exam.
  • The detailed IBPS 2023 Clerk test pattern for the preliminary exam is shown in the table below:
Exam Format for IBPS 2023 Clerk Exam – Prelims Exam
Section Total Questions Scores Duration
Reasoning or Logical 35 35 20 mins
Arithmetic Aptitude 35 35 20 mins
English Language Section 30 30 20 mins
Total 100 100 1 hour or 60 mins


Exam Format for IBPS Clerk 2023’s Main Exam

  • There are 190 questions in the IBPS 2023 Clerk Mains test, and you get 160 minutes to answer them all.
  • The IBPS 2023 Clerk Mains test will feature 190 questions overall and last 160 minutes.
  • The IBPS 2023 Clerk Mains test will include four parts, each with separate sectional scheduling.
  • The Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude Sections were previously administered separately. However, both of these parts have been combined to make up a total of 50 Marks, according to a recent update by IBPS…
Sections Questions Scores Time
Computer Aptitude & Reasoning Ability 50 60 45 mins
General English 40 40 35 mins
Financial/ General Awareness 50 50 35 mins
Arithmetic Aptitude 50 50 45 mins
Total 190 200 160 mins

Advice for Studying for the IBPS 2023 Clerk Exam

The IBPS Clerk curriculum preparation process calls for a methodical approach and constant work. The following advice will help you successfully prepare for the IBPS 2023 Clerk exam:

  • Completely comprehend the IBPS 2023 Clerk curriculum.
  • assemble current reading materials and resources.
  • To understand the test format, solve IBPS Clerk’s previous year’s exam papers.
  • Regularly administer practise exams to gauge your progress.
  • Put your attention on laying a solid foundation for each topic.
  • To increase swiftness and accuracy, practice time management.
  • Reading and practise can help you improve your English language abilities.
  • Keep up with current events and general knowledge.
  • Practise and review the material covered regularly.
  • Keep an optimistic attitude and successfully handle stress.

Score Card of the IBPS 2023 Clerk Exam

The IBPS will issue the IBPS Clerk Exam Prelims Score Card shortly after the test has been completed. Details about the aspirant’s performance in the test are included on the Score Card. Each aspirant’s scorecard is made public separately.

  • Aspirants should be aware that only a limited window of time will be available for accessing the IBPS 2023 Clerk Score Card.
  • Aspirants must log in with their credentials to access their IBPS 2023 Clerk Prelims Scorecard.


IBPS 2023 Clerk tests are challenging since many applicants want to get a job through them. Therefore, it is critical that applicants fully comprehend the syllabus and sample questions so they can plan appropriately.

To gauge the exam’s complexity and master time management techniques, aspirants must regularly take IBPS 2023 Clerk Mock Tests. The important subjects are listed section-by-section in the IBPS 2023 Clerk Exam Syllabus 2023 PDF for aspirants preparing for the forthcoming recruitment, so download it now.

How are aspirants chosen for the IBPS 2023 Clerk Exam?

Preliminary and main exams will serve as the foundation for choosing the applicants. However, the ultimate selection will be based on the aspirant’s Mains Exam scores.

What parts are included in the IBPS 2023 Clerk Syllabus PDF?

Numerical ability & Reasoning are two themes that are included in the same IBPS 2023 Clerk Syllabus for both the Mains & Prelims exams. The IBPS 2023 Clerk Mains Syllabus 2023 PDF Download also includes information on English, Computer Knowledge, General Awareness, & Hindi Languages.

What is the curriculum for the IBPS 2023 Clerk Mains exam?

To do well at this level and get the required outcomes, it is strongly advised that the students study the IBPS 2023 Clerk Mains syllabus.

  • Reasoning Ability
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • English Language

What subjects in the part on reasoning ability are given the most weight?

The themes with the highest weighting in part on reasoning ability include seating arrangements, puzzles, inequalities & syllogisms.

What is the IBPS 2023 Clerk Mains Syllabus?

General Financial Awareness, General English, Quantitative Aptitude, Computer Aptitude themes, & Reasoning Ability are included in the IBPS 2023 Clerk Mains exam syllabus.

Does the IBPS 2023 Clerk Syllabus differ significantly from that of other bank exams?

The syllabus for practically all bank and insurance tests is the same, thus there aren’t any significant differences. Exams for Clerk Grades & Officer Grades include different levels of questions.

Is IBPS Clerk's curriculum challenging?

Although the IBPS 2023 Clerk curriculum is extensive, it is not difficult if one has regular practise.

What happens if aspirants pass the preliminary test for the IBPS 2023 Clerk Score Card?

After passing the written exam, candidates will be invited to the main exam, the ultimate stage of the examination process.